Friday, March 30, 2012

Be still my soul

It's one of my most favorite times of the year... General Conference weekend!
What is General Conference you ask?
Something so wonderful, my words will do it no justice.
{click here to find out}

I am so incredibly grateful for the power of the Gospel.
For my knowledge of Heavenly Father.
For my Testimony.
For the Book of Mormon.

No matter what religion you are, where you live, who you are, please listen to the words of the Prophet. They are straight from our Father in Heaven. I promise it will make your day better.

My friend and I were looking up at the sky a few nights ago. She grew up in Afghanistan and was raised a Muslim. We were looking at the stars, the moon. She looked at me and said, "how can can you not believe in God!" I raised my eyebrows and nodded my head in agreement. Because, of course, I do believe in God.
She continued to bear her testimony to me;
"I want to just yell at some people and tell them to look up, look at the moon! Look at the stars! How can you deny that there is a God? How, after seeing the beauty of this world, can you tell yourself that this all happened by accident!"
"... It makes me mad, those people. But I feel badly for them. They must be so lost.."
She is right. We stood there looking at the sky, bearing our testimonies to each other and praising our Father in Heaven.
 God is waiting for us all to acknowledge Him. He is here for us. He loves us, and He will never give up on us.

It is never too late to accept Him. Find Him. Do not deny Him, because it will only cause you much grief, confusion, and unhappiness.

No matter what religion you practice, believe in Him. 

Get to know Him. He knows and loves you.
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Not Missing

Last night Mike went out with His brother. While he was gone, I got a phone call from a friend wanting to get together for a little while. I left and while I was at her house, we decided to go for a walk, it turned out to be about an hour and a half later before we even got back home. Then my other friend came over with her baby, (such a cutie, and started walking last night!)  By that time it was like, 10:00  and I knew Mike was planning on being home between 10:00 and 10:30, so I turned the ringer up on my phone, and waited for Him to call me. I got busy fixing a sewing machine, visiting, and then they wanted to start a movie. Sometimes Mike stays out pretty late, so I figured he was still out and would just call me when he got home. We started the movie and about half way through I was starting to get a little worried about him, but figured I would give him to the end of the movie. It ended, and I went to check my phone, and it was dead. I used Maliha's house phone, and it said that the user was no longer accepting calls. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN! I texted him from her cell, and waited... and waited... and then I called from her phone... and waited... By this time it was like midnight, and I was really trying to figure out where he was! I didn't  want to walk home (Mike obviously had the car) but I decided I should to make sure he made it home alright. If he wasn't at home, I could start to get worried. We started walking to my house, and on our way Malihas phone rang and Mike was on the other end. "WHERE ARE YOU! ARE YOU OKAY?" This is what Mike was asking me. I'm fine, where are you? are you okay? I have been trying and trying to reach you!
Mike then told me that while he was out with his brother, his phone was stolen. We were both trying to get a hold of each other, (He was more worried than I was. I knew he had been out with his brother and kept telling myself he must have just stayed out later than he thought, and like me, his phone had died.) I was trying not to think of him in a car rolled over on the side of the road.

Anyway, I got home, ran in and grabbed the keys, and drove my friends back to their house. When I got home, it was about 2:00am we both had a good laugh about the situation and turned on Saved By The Bell. Mike had called every person he could think of, trying to find out where his wife was, and even drove over to where I was, but saw all the lights off (we were watching a movie) so assumed they were asleep and I was not there. Back at our house, he made note of all my shoes by the front door, and noticed that none of them were missing, which worried him even more! Shouldn't have, he knows I don't wear shoes sometimes. But he thought that maybe whoever had taken his phone (which he tracked using the chip, and it is somewhere in Taylorsville. No where near where he was last night) had come taken his wife! Poor guy. A pretty eventful night for the two of us. Moral of the story is, leave a note if you're going out, and never leave your phone unattended.


So did anyone else LOVE the spring weather yesterday? It was so delightful! I just wish it would have carried in to today, it's sooo windy. Look at that forecast!


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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Good Line

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He looks like your typical guy, but inside he is stronger.

" just when i think that i can't love these children more than i already do today, tomorrow happens.
oh the joy that i get the blessing of being the one to hold them, carry them, and laugh with them. "

As I sit here with tears in my eyes, I feel the spirit so strongly.
I am listening to this beautiful song, 

being reminded of the talk that was given in church last Sunday.
How lovely the words she spoke. She taught about the power of music. The beauty in it, and the way the spirit can speak to you through it. The way you can teach others through it. How every song we sing in church, is just a prayer to our Heavenly Father.

I am not sharing any of this with you because I think you, or myself,  are not wonderful people.
I am sharing this with you, because when I find something that touches my heart, I feel like sharing it with the world.
 If you don't want to read it, you do not have to. But if you do, I hope you take something away from it. Maybe you will feel the spirit as I have.

I am reading a journal of an amazing guy.
I do not know him. I don't know his whole life story. But, I know that when I read his stories, I am knowing his heart. 
I pray that I can love each and every one of Heavenly Fathers children unconditionally, as he does.


Amy's Prayer

She didn't pretend to be poetic or prophetic.
It was the honesty to her faith that made her words real. It was her struggles and her doubts that made her words a prayer. And this is what she prayed over me:

I see a picture of a man who left everything to live among the poor and the broken. He looked like them, talked like them, dressed like them. He ate what they ate, drank what they drank. He became one of them, lived among them.

Years later he died.

Sometime after, a missionary came to that village with the Gospel- to share the story of Jesus to the villagers. And in hearing that story, they responded "Oh yeah! We know Jesus. He used to live here a few years ago."

This has become my prayer. Even though it was forever ago that I was in a room with Amy and those dear friends, I'm still praying that prayer tonight. Even though I feel so far from the Messiah and the Missionary, I'm still praying that prayer tonight. Every prayer waits the arrival of the dawn.

TUESDAY, 17 MAY 2011

the call within the call
"it was another one of those days. it started at 4 in the morning bearing witness to the sunrise, followed by restless movements on a sleepless bed.

disclaimer: i want to share this with all honesty knowing how weak the world will know me to be.

"Janelle, please pray for me. It's getting heavier and I can physically feel the ache. I've been crying and praying, night and day. I can't sleep and I don't know what's happening - it's never been like this before. Even right now on the way to the village, I'm crying in the taxi. I want to be fully present with the kids but my heart is on Uganda. I feel like I ran away from the calling." 
- that was a text message i sent to my praying friend here at 7:12am.

i'm opening this out in hopes that at least a few of you will remember this in prayer. my heart has always been with the orphans of Africa - and lately, it's been so heavy to bear. i'm crying for a miracle, crying for purpose because there is nothing heroic about my life like my heroes. something tells me that there's got to be more. that this is not all there is to the story... "
I pray that we will not dwell on worldly things, if not necessary. That we will not speak unkindly towards one another. That we will not be so quick to judge. That we can all look deeply into the eyes of others, searching for their story, their love, their pain and suffering..
Laugh loudly with friends, and smile often. Offer support and love to others, and strive to be a better person.  Love the poor and orphaned fiercely. Find that empty place in your heart and fill it. Dance, make music, let it be known and share with everyone, that you have found your place here. You have found happiness.
 Share your burning testimony.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So it's Tuesday

That means I have a craft to share with you!

I spent my day crafting, singing, shaking make believe hands on tiny toes, giving out shoulder rides, and swimming in tissue paper with these sweet kids.

Today we made many a things, but one of the things Imma sharin' with you is, The Easy Easter Egg!

Have tiny tots at your house? They will LOVE this. Have tinier tiny tots as your house? They love the crinkle of the tissue paper. Win win!
What you'll need:
*Colored Construction paper
*Elmers Glue
*Tissue Paper

How to make it:
1) Trace a giant egg shape on the paper.
2) Help the kids cut along the line, making the egg shape.
3) Have kids Glue a thick line.
4) Let them tear the tissue paper into pieces.
5) Scrunch up tissue paper and stick onto glue line.
6) Repeat with many more lines until you have a very colorful Easter egg to hang up.

Be creative and sing Easter songs while you make these.

Another fun project to try this Easter!
Tissue Paper eggs!
1) spritz or dip egg in water (get it all wet)2) pick up squares of tissue paper one at a time all over the egg.  
(You can overlap them, make pictures, hearts, etc.)3) Make sure the tissue paper gets completely wet!
4) like any died Easter egg, set it aside to let it dry.
(If you cut paper towel rolls into rings, they make great egg holders)
When the egg is dry the tissue paper will fall off, leaving the pretty colors and shapes behind!

So there you go! Happy crafting!
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

Hello Gorgeous

I'm having buyers remorse, and I haven't ever bought anything yet.
I'll fill you in on details after I get the reply I'm waiting for. It'll be a good purchase though. I'm already getting excited and nothing is set in stone yet.
Keep you fingers crossed!


In other news!
We are going to Karin and Bretts tonight for dinner. We're super stoked to see them, but even more excited to see little Adelyn. I have fabric sitting here for a blanket that was supposed to be given to her long ago. I'm hoping I'll have some time to whip it up for her to bring tonight, but it might not happen. I'm lucky to have such good in laws.

I'll leave you with this song.
Happy Friday everyone! Go out and party, it's the week end!!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Look at all these adorable little ladies!

I may be bias, but I've got the cutest nieces ever.
 See for yourself!
I stole this picture of Adelyn, from Karins blog. It's my favorite picture of her adorable little girl.

 I took this picture of Ella the last time I went to visit. Shes getting so big!
My cute little Clara girl. I love her so much!

This is Ditty at her princess party. Very fitting.

Yup, Mike and I are pretty lucky. We have 4 of the cutest nieces, 4 nephews, and a surprise baby on the way! I am so lucky to be their "Aunt Bitsy" I get to have such special relationships with each one of them and it is so amazing, and heart breaking, watching them grow! This young man will be 12 this year! Mutual and passing the sacrament... I don't know how he grew up so quickly. I really don't.


And in other great news!!!
We paid the LAST bill to the lab today! It's taken one whole year, almost to the day, but we've got it paid off.
This calls for a celebration!

I guess we'll sit here and eat pie together. It's Pi day, so if you are married to a nerd, make sure to celebrate. He'll love ya forever :)

And an update on my No Milk diet!
Roads End Organics Gluten Free Dairy Free Parmesan Noodles: THUMBS DOWN.
I could tolerate it, but won't be buying more unless I'm 100% desperate. Mike tried some when he came home from work and said it tasted like it dropped in the sand and he was licking it up. It really did taste JUST like the beach. Ocean water and all. I love the beach, but I don't like eating it.

Amys? Frozen Burrito: THUMBS UP!
It was sooooo good. A little bit spicy for me, but really good. I want another. It was packed with rice which made it very filling. The regular price is a little pricey (I found it on sale) but you could look around, or find coupons for some things. I have found that the cost of all allergy friendly food more expensive. You'd think it wouldn't be, with it lacking main things... like dairy. Fake dairy, like Chreese, must be more expensive.

Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes. I'm only half hoping this will help. I want it to just so I can finally know the reason behind some of my health problems, but I don't want it to because I love me some dairy! "Are you sure you want to put cheese on that, ma'am?"
That's me!
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"That's not funny!"

I had a serious Jerry moment last night. 
You know, this episode
Where Jerry wakes up in the middle of night and scribbles something down that he thinks is so hilarious, and then when he wakes the next morning he's forgotten what it was and can't read his own handwriting. Then later he finally remembers and says, "that's not funny!"
Well when I woke up this morning, I remembered that sometime between awake and asleep last night, I thought of something so funny, but when I finally remembered what it was and was telling Mike, it really wasn't funny at all.
We have a friend with the name of Fred. I thought it would be so funny/clever, for Fred to have a credit card, but call it a Fredit card!

Are you laughing?
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

All I know is I'm not home yet

I think this song goes hand in hand with this post.
This song has quickly made its way inside me and touched my heart. It helps everything become clear.
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Well, hello Old fiends

I put my glasses on today, and was reminded of what it's like to be able to see!
I hate how you press on my nose, and the way I look when I wear you, but I love how I can see when you are balanced on my face!
Thanks, eye spectacles.
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An incredibly long post, that won't mean a thing to anyone but myself

If you don't want to read a long post boring novel, feel free to skip to the end and enjoy some pictures from the weekend!

Heavenly Father has many things in store for us.
We all have our own trials, our own accomplishments, and our own goals in life. We all have our own understanding of God, of His plan for us, and our own way of worshiping Him. And, just as we have our own special relationship with our earthly fathers, we have one with Him.
I don't like to share my personal trials with everyone on the internet, but this is a post that I feel needs to be shared.
I grew up in a wonderful home, with a beautiful family, that loves to serve.
My parents raised my siblings well, as they traveled the world. I did not get the opportunity that my siblings did, to live out of the good ol' Dodge Ram, and travel the US, among other countries, but I grew up living with the same values, the same mindset, knowing all of the family stories, and having a very close relationship with my earthly father, who helped me know my Heavenly Father.
 I think that my longing for travel comes from my family, their stories, and the fact that I didn't get to do that.
My mom was always serving, and still is, and I knew I wanted to be just like her.

I suffer from Severe Anxiety, really bad allergies, a horrible immune system, Fibromyalgia, and asthma.
I know that because of these, Mike.. my Mom.. my Dad.. they are constantly questioning me when I say I am going to travel because that I feel like that is Gods plan for me.
There are many things I struggle with in my life. The hardest thing is my anxiety. I can't go to college, I can't get my license, but yet I can serve God. How is this?
This is what my Mom has asked me quite often. She can't understand why I can want to travel and serve the Fatherless, but can't do simple things! And I could never give her an answer, because I didn't know myself!

I pray to Him, asking Him how he can give me strength to listen to others! How He can give me strength to comfort my nieces and nephews when they are in so much pain! How He can give me strength to be a wife, to want to serve my brothers and sisters, but he can't give me the strength to do normal things. He can't give me the strength and courage to take a test so I can drive! He can't give me courage to learn in a college!
 I try so hard every day, I see doctor after doctor, I pray. I pray because I know that I want to graduate from college, I pray because I know that when I am a mother, my children will look up to me. I pray because I don't know how my Heavenly Father who loves me unconditionally, could confuse me as he has. And then it hit me recently. It hit me like nothing ever has before. He has blessed me with the strength to listen to others, to be there for my family, for my husband, because that is His plan for me.
Driving, Tests, that is what I want right now, not what He wants right now.
I thought it was Satan keeping me from doing what I was supposed to. But it wasn't. It was Satan making me think that these worldly things was what I needed right now. Satan had me doubting myself, and making me believe that to be someone, you had to have a license and be in college. I have been watching friends and family drive, and graduate college, and was feeling so worthless. I was comparing myself to them, and that is an act of Satan. God would never have one of His children feel this way!

 These things are very important, but they obviously are not things I should be thinking about at this time. I have been trying so hard to overcome my anxiety so that I could accomplish these things that everyone else has been able to do, that It has distracted me from what He wanted me to be focusing on. Service.
I want to drive, and I want a good college education so much, but that is not what He wants for me at this time. I have realized that if it were, He would help me to make it happen.

I feel so deeply in my heart, that I am supposed to be a mother. I don't know when, I don't know how, I don't know where, I don't know who. I just know that I am going to be one, and that it is His plan for me. I have prayed and prayed for courage to go to college recently, and while I have been searching for online courses, self help books, and online practice driving tests for Utah, I have come across so many stories, church groups, and blogs that tell of people serving, Volunteering, helping. Couples selling their homes, people raising donations, pregnant mothers getting preparing to serve missions half way across the world ,all because it became clear to them, that this was our Fathers plan for them. My Google searches were leading me to these sites, and this was my answer to all those prayers.

I know that Heavenly Father has been waiting for the right time to make this clear to me. I have nieces and nephews that have been needing me, I have parents, and siblings that have been needing me, I have had friends and family that I have been needing, and I have things to learn. This is why it wasn't made clear to me until now.
I have felt it in my heart, but now I know.
I don't know how, where, how long, or even when, I will be leaving. I don't know who I will be with, Group? Husband? Child? But wherever I go, I won't be alone. I will be with my Heavenly Father.
I know I am supposed to go. I don't know where the money will come from, I don't know when it will be, and I don't know for how long. It may be only a few weeks! But I am going.  And I hope it's soon.

Now I will pray that Mike will have an open mind. That he will be able to feel what I feel, and have faith. He is such a wonderful husband. He works so hard. He has always provided for me. He loves me, and I love him. With all of my heart I love him.
There are two things I am sure of, I will raise a beautiful family with Michael, and together we will serve the Lord.
I am excited for this journey together. I am excited for where God leads us.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Now moving on!
Even if you can't donate to this sweet family, you should still read their story. They're pretty awesome.

And if you want to be inspired, head over here and read her Lucas story! Part 1, 2, 3, and 4. Bring a box of tissues though. You'll need it.

Now it's off to clean my house and try to get it looking like this again!
*Squeaky clean*

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Mirror Makeover

When I got married, my Mom gave this mirror to me. It was hers, and it is extremely special to me.
I was hesitant about painting it, but I like how it turned out!

Really simple to do.
Get your item of choice, get your spray paint, and use your graffiti art skills.

Happy Crafting!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012


I was just sitting here talking to my best friend Ry, on the phone. He's on his way to San Fran (about a 6 hour drive from where he's living right now) and he was letting me know the names of the towns and what they smell like as he passed them. A true gem, right? I decided to use Google Maps and see just where he was... and how long it would take me to get there... via bicycle.
From SLC, UT to Avenal, CA it would only take 2 days and 23 hours! It was a tough decision, but I decided not to bicycle there and meet him.
Now that we have our hard drive back, I have been able to upload the pictures that have been trapped on my camera. Some of these pictures date back to October, and none of these have to do with any posts really, and are in no kind of order.
We are limited on closet space here at this house, so we thought up a new way to store our clothes. 
 2 bookshelves...
 & a certain rod.
 Mike put those bookshelves together and I love him for it! So glad my idea worked, too! 
 One of our "Sunday Pictures" from a few weeks ago
 Valentines Day
 Me and Brec last week
 Enjoying the springy weather
 At the park
 Mike and his Moose
 Chillin' in the sunshine
 Today at the park
 A picture on our drive back from Canada
 Halloween party costume
 Halloween Day
A "Sunday Picture" around Christmas time
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Anniversary Pics

If you stopped by to read a blog post, then STOP HERE, BERTHA!
We finally got our hard drive back from Mikes little brother, WAHOO! This means I finally have our pictures from our trip to Canada!
So now you get a great picture overload.
you're welcome.

Yup. looks like a strange wenis to me! Get you head out of the gutter, I said WENIS.


 a long but memorable day working with Habitat for humanity

funny pig
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