Monday, February 28, 2011


tomorrow is waiting.


The sun to shine brighter.

A bike ride.


A picnic.

Holding your stomach from laughing so hard.

A craft.

A hug from Mom and Dad.

Make someone feel special.

A clean house.

Only happy.

No worries.


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Friday, February 18, 2011

You can't hurt me with the things that you do, i'll pick up dandy lions and I'll give them to you.

This was one of my favorite songs from the awesome CD I had when I was younger. I was taking ballet then, and would practice my amazing dance moves to it.
I was cool.


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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Did anyone else know?

After 43 years, Ken and Barbie broke up in 2004. This Valentine's Day, Ken came crawling back to Barbie asking for her back. They came out with all sorts of things for this occasion. It was huge. When I found out they had broken up, I was shocked! I mean, how could Barbie and Ken break up?! THEY'RE BARBIE AND KEN! But, here we are, seven years later and they are back together. They may be plastic, but their love IS real.

they love their clothes together!

they eat breakfast together.
the wear matching pink clothes together.
they were on the cover of magazines together.
they go to the beach together.
and with their friends!
they look too cool for school together.

they are nerds together.
they had a Disney weekend bash together!
they are hip together.
they are cute together.
and they make fun of the band club together.

Hope you are all having a good week!
Here is one of my favorite commercials,

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my valentine. comfy pants maternity style.

There is so much that I have promised myself, and Michael, that I will write about and for some reason just haven't done it yet. I feel like emotionally I am feeling a lot better, but for the past little while now, I feel like I have total medicine head! YUCK! I hope I snap out of it soon so Michael can have a wife back. He has been so wonderful. I seriously have the most loving husband. I love how overly cheesy and lovey dovey we are with each other. It's so gross it's adorable. Fact.
So this post is just about Valentine's Day. I'm really excited to post about
our night out to the theater, but ya'll are just going to have to keep waiti
ng. Sorry Shnooglypoo! See? nick names. adorable, right?
Michael and I worked Valentine's Day, but that evening we went out to The Pie. I had such a wonderful time. We were able to relax, visit, take fun pictures, read the funny messages people have left on the brick walls, drink out of large mugs, and eat a delicious HEART shaped pineapple pizza with extra pineapple! It was wonderful! And you know we were at the cool table if James Dean was hangin' around!
After Pizza we needed to kill time until our movie started, so we went over to Target and Mike bought me comfy pants! I have been wanting comfy pants for a long time, so this was just wonderful! They were on the clearance rack so this made me extremely happy! I later found out when I was getting into them that they must have come from the maternity section of the store because these XS's are HUGE! none the less, I am wearing them at this very moment, and they are still comfy and I love them. My husband is the best.
I am so grateful for him and to him for everything that he does. It's a lot guys, it really is. And He loves me and is always making sure I am happy and taking care of me before himself. I love you so much, dear. Thank you for being so magnificent. I look forward to all the other Valentine's Days we get to spend together.


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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a post that turned into more than I planned

My sister and 3 of her 6 kids are sick, (all 3 boys) so my Mom is leavin
g tomorrow to drive 5 hours to their home to take care of them. Dad is working and away in Montana. I have said it before and I'll say it again, I have the most wonder
ful parents in the
whole world. I am the luckiest.

-i love their stories. i love the way they they love each other. *photo by caitlyn nalder

-my favorite photo. happy and content. *picture by breclyn everett

-the day i got married. many emotions that day- *photo by april higham.

-my dad and me in '08 i think. i love him more than i can express.-

They have raised me and my siblings well. I can only pray that I will be as good of a person as each of them is. That I will be as wonderful of a parent at raising kids, and that I will be as close to my kids as they have always been with me. So here is what my Mom will be doing this week.
She will be playing with cute little granddaughters, nursing after her sick daughter, dealing with incredibly overwhelming situations. For one week she will be bringing light into a home that is dark. She will put smiles onto her grandchildren's faces and hopefully let them forget if only for a while about their fears. She will allow them to act like children again, and will be cleaning, and singing, while taking care of 3 sick little boys. I wish I could go with her for many reasons, but for other reasons I am unable.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Poor little fork

To young .....didn't even grow up to a full-size fork. Evidently the microwave needs a "must be this tall to ride"

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Vague title which has nothing to do with the post

Today was the!

Okay, I looked, but You can't really find Soup without a bowl...maybe in a pot...but still, bowl shaped. get what you get and you can't at all explain.

Anyway, we've got:

Get it? Get it? It's a GREEN Bay, and those are Stealers...Yeah, I'm clever.

Anyway, we had a wonderful day, and had... - wait, we are ahead of ourselves.

The day before we went to a play, and you will read more about that wonderful experience in another post, but on our way back we decided to get a "few" things for the game. Originally we were planning on getting some Little Smokies....and BBQ Sauce, and perhaps some chips.

We ended up with a CART FULL of stuff, most of which still has not been eaten, but alas, it was worth it! We had bean dip, smokies, doritos, potato chips, BBQ Chips, strawberry pudding cake, jalapeno poppers, potato skins, drinks, and...probably a lot of other stuff I forgot.

THE DAY OF! Hazzah!
So the day is the day of the game! Today, the day of the post! And stuff! Yeah! You know...

Anyway, on to what we were talking about before:
 ... - delicious food and lots of people over (Bryttan's brother, brother's girlfriend, sister, nephew) and we were all anticipating the big game. I thought I would be super clever and stream it over the internet! as I do not have cable or an antenna...but alas I was quickly

Because evidently it is Illegal to stream the superbowl (I actually hired the entire CSI team to investigate why I couldn't find an internet stream which would play the super bowl, after some debug backtracing, and re-routing IP tables on dynamically changing NFL cyphers in a cartesian number grid backed database they gave me the unfortunate answer)

SO! What was I to do?! I remembered that my madre (heretofore known as Bob) had no interest in the super bowl and had an antenna of which I could steal!

So I called Bob, and asked her if I could grab it, she of course agreed and I raced off! VRRMMMMMM!

And off I went tearing down the road.

I got the antenna and came back. We then had to take the TV off the wall (because it was way to close when it was mounted to allow for any cables to come out the back) and we put it up in the corner! And hazzah! Game day was upon us!

We cooked little smokies with mini forks (notice the 4 tines, they are indeed forks, not tridents)!

We ate chips and things!

We had people over!

And we gave power to the people!

I think I'm going to end it there.


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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Journey to the Seventh Planet

Bryttan and I watched this movie last night, it is set in 2001 (the future) and the U.N. is the governing body of the world. This team is going to explore Uranus, and they get there and are taken over by an Alien being....who then makes all their wishes come true....but then they explore the rest of the planet, and they find the Alien and one of the guys shoots it to see "what happens".

This makes the alien mad, who then decides he's going to kill them all with their nightmares, and makes their nightmares become real (Gigantic rats, gigantic spiders, etc).

Let's just say, the poster doesn't do this movie justice. Haha.
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chicken Fat

Oh the days of doing this each morning for gym class. Way to go Eisenhower, way to go.
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


and I wouldn't mind owning a gazillion colorful shoe laces. though if I did have a gazillion colorful shoe laces I would have to own A LOT more colorful tights and socks and all sorts of things to match! maybe like these.
And I'd obviously have to eat colorful cookies!
I cannot WAIT until my birthday!
I'm stocking up on a lot more color.
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