Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekend Roundup!

Sadly the pictures of the weekend are not in my possession as I did not take them.

The pictures I have though I will post, the rest my dear friends I hate to admit, will equate to almost nothing compared to all that was this weekend.

1st: - Friday: - ?!-
Friday Bryttan and I were going to go look at 2 houses that we had called and scheduled to look at.

The first house was in Sandy, we were scheduled at 4:30, at about 4:00 I got a call saying that it had been rented. Sad :(

The second house was in Lehi, and we were scheduled to go look at it around 7:30, at about 6:30 I got a phone call from the Ladies husband saying they decided not to rent the house anymore and that they would not be showing it to us. :( How awful.

So we spent the entire evening attempting to locate a swimming suit for Bryttan. Let me tell you, there is almost NO STORES that sell 1 piece swimming suits. Everywhere you look there is nothing but bikinis, we spent several hours looking, we looked at multiple Old Navy's, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, PacSun, Wet Seal, Target and several others.

There was no luck. We had ended up near Jordan Landing so I suggested we go to see:

We got tickets and sat in the theater for a while.

Let me tell you, Toy Story 3 is a very good movie. I loved it so very much and I highly HIGHLY recommend it. Trust the caps, they don't lie.

Anyway, on to Saturday:

2nd: - Saturday: - ?!-

Saturday we were going boating, so we woke up early, I drove over and picked up Bryttan and we started our Hunt again for Swimsuits. I had been up for an hour looking at places in Utah that sold Modest swimsuits. I found a few that were scattered about in Draper, Provo, and Pleasant Grove.

However I suggested we try Shopko first, so we did, and alas we found one that fit well and was not extremely ugly! Hazzah! awothaweth (This is the text equivalent of a high-five)

So we went boating! Yay! - Off to Willard Bay!-


The battery on the boat is dead! As it is EVERY SINGLE YEAR WE GO. However -

This year - We were not on the boat ramp launching the boat to discover it was dead, it seems we had learned our lesson. So! - Brett went and bought a new battery (Yay) awothaweth.

And we began our journey -

Brian went with Bryttan and Myself, which....I can only say was very brave of him, I'm not even sure it has fully registered within himself of what exactly he experienced.

Sing-alongs, and the license plate games were among the chicanery in that car. (I'm sorry Brian, but actually not at all.)

Anyway! - We got to the boating Marina and launched- Haha - Success nobody died and we docked very smoothly. But from there...things take a drastic turn for the worst.

Sunblock spraying in people's eyes and running out, condoms floating in the water lost and forgotten. Karin forgot to bring the condiments for the sandwiches, and the terrible horrible swarms of bugs.

Once we got out there things got better. We ate and it was delicious, and we had a lot of fun.

We water skied, and wake-boarded and went on the tube. The only annoyances then were the dastardly bugs and their villainous intent to suck our blood! awothaweth! (Don't ask why I high-fived at this statement, just go with it)

We got back and docked successfully and got the boat all cleaned up and put away. We had dinner at our Father's house and all was well again.

And yes I can dunk -

3rd: - Sunday -?!-

Sunday! Sunday was father's day. We were also celebrating his 50th birthday. Karin made a traditional German pickle meat dish called Rouladen (spelled that wrong.) I happen to HATE pickles...but I ate it anyway, it was good very pickley but...good nonetheless. We exchanged cards and gifts.

I made my father a tie out of paper and wrote happy father's day on it. Bryttan made him a card with her hand print on it and wrote him a wonderful card. But alas, Karin was once again the reigning champion at getting him to cry.

We gave him his walker and his actual gift (a night stay at Park City and a steak dinner at Ruth Chris)
it was a very good meal and we had a lot of fun.

4th: - Monday -?!-

Okay okay, I know that Monday is not part of the "weekend" per say, but it is pretty friendly with the weekend and I think they're getting serious and might hook up. Who knows, maybe in 2 Mondays it will be officially part of the weekend. :)

Anyway! - Monday -! Yes Monday, we celebrated Bryttan's Birthday! awothaweth! At my madre de pollo's house. I really don't know why I called her my Mother of Chicken but I'm sticking too it.

She made a special meal for her, and it was quite delicious. Wonderful Lasagna it was! And alas, it was soo good that I went back and got 4ths. Mmm. I loved it.

She also made Bryttan her favorite cake, which just so happens to start with a C and rhyme with Arrot.

It was a wonderful "weekend" and I'm glad that we didn't have too many problems. :)
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

House Hunting!

Bryttan and I have been house hunting for the past.....few months....

The problem is, we both for some odd reason looked at really expensive houses that we could never afford and now the ones that we can afford just look awful. However!

Occasionally we come across a great home that looks fantastic in our price range. However there always seems to be a catch, like someone living in the basement, or only a 6 months lease and then we HAVE to move out.

I have decided that I really like Suncrest though (it's part of draper) It is out in the middle of the mountains, beautiful and open. However it is far away from things (which is both good and bad) Oh well.

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Bryttan and I have been working on this coffee table for the last little while. Sanding it, and now finally painting it.

It is almost done, just 2 more coats of paint and....the top will be done, and then we can begin on the underside and the legs haha.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We went to Idaho this weekend for Bryttan's Cousin's Wedding. Whilst we were there, all manner of things took place. While we were there, we got to see Bryttan's Sister's new baby Shanriella (Probably spelled that wrong.)

Bryttan's Family lives in a small town called Shelly. On the day of the wedding we took a walk to a park, and on the way, I saw a great sign outside of their community pool.
It would be awful to show up and have there only be 9 people total.

Otherwise they would post this:
Anyway! We played on the playground, did the merry go round, swings, etc. And then I did this. Don't ask me why, I just did.
Bryttan's Brother and his Girlfriend came along as well.
Later that night, after the wedding, we all went to Perkins (it is kind of like a Denny's but better). April (Bryndon's Girlfriend) had a huge stack of gift certificates there, and she really wanted to make it up to me for not letting me get Aggie Ice-Cream a week earlier, so she paid with those.
The next day we went ghost towning. The majority of the pictures I do not have, as April took them with her camera. But I do have a few.

Also here is an Owl with a very important message for you. Hoot.
Oh, and whilst driving around, Bryttan decided to try to draw mustaches on us. I asked her to give me the Mario mustache, this is the result:
And now back to the ghost town:

After the ghost town we headed up the mountain a little bit more, and entered into an abandoned mine.
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Park City!

On Monday, Bryttan and I went to Park City.

We decided to ride the Zip-Line. We got there right before they opened, and we got our tickets.

We were the 2nd group of people to go on it.

Here we are on the Chair Lift Up (Which I think was scarier for Bryttan than the actual Zip-Line)

It was really really pretty up there, pretty much all the snow had melted, and it was a warm day.
We got to the top, and Bryttan started getting really nervous, haha. Especially as we started nearing the platform!

 For those of you who do not know, the Zip-Rider is a harness you sit in and then you zip-line down the mountain (at speeds up to 45 MPH),\

 You start by sitting in it and pushing against the gates with your legs straight...I was so tall I could not put my legs completely straight....and then they open the gates and you slide down.
When we got down Bryttan really wanted to go again, haha, it was wonderful.

After The Zip-Line we went to historic Main St.


We walked around and went into a bunch of the shops. I bought some wonderful HOT mango pineapple Salsa.

Look at this guy. What a stork.

Then of Course Bryttan had to go and get really cozy with a bear. :(

Stupid Bear.


It was a very fun Memorial Day. :)

And the Zip-Line is very very fun. I recommend it to anyone.
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