Thursday, October 14, 2010

So close!

So close to my wedding! :)

I am so very happy, and very grateful for Bryttan, and for everyone who is going to be there :) Although it was somewhat last minute I think it will be perfect.

The only important part to me is getting Sealed to Bryttan on Saturday. Everything else can turn out horribly but I'll still be happy :) (Don't think my bride would be though haha)

I am so excited for it to finally and actually happen, it is a feeling that can't be explained, it's just wonderful. I am so grateful for those who were able to be with me in the temple to get my endowments out, that was a wonderful experience that I will always remember.

And going through with Bryttan was just perfect, I would not have wanted to go through with anyone else at any other time.

I love you Bryttan :) Just thought you should know that before our wedding.

I Love You.
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Monday, October 11, 2010

3 days ago...

I was in the most wonderful place on earth. With Michael, Grandpa Conrad, Michelle, Karin, Brett, and my Parents. The most wonderful parents in the world. How amazing it was to be in the house of the Lord. I was as close to heaven as I can be here on this earth. I was with people I love and so close to my grandparents. I know they were there with me and were so happy. Three days ago I was leaving the house late, turning the car around because I had left my things back at the house, puting my make up on in the car and was so happy and nervous and excited all at the same time, I couldn't think about anything but being in the Salt Lake temple doing what I have worked towards my whole life. It was such an amazing feeling, and such a wonderful expeirience. I could have stayed there all day. It was so peacful and wonderful, just like you stepped into heaven. It has been three days and I am still trying to come back to real life. It was truely amazing. I wish everyone would realize how blessed we all are to have the gospel in our lives. I know that there are people in the world who will never find truth in the gospel. They are still good people, and our Heavenly Father loves all of His children, but I pray that those searching for the truth will find it and be able to go to the temple and experience the beauty and understand just how blessed we are.
4 days from today I will be entering the Mount Timpanogos Temple with Michael, at which time we will be sealed together forever. I will not lie, I am the Queen of cold feet and I know that! And I am going to be totally honest, I. Am. Scared. I have done everything to prepare myself for he temple, for marriage, for the word ETERNITY, but I am still scraed. I think that no matter how hard I try not to be, that scraed feeling just isn't going to go away. I hate that it is there, but I have had people tell me that it isn't normal to NOT be scared. I think the difference is, being a little nervouse is a heck of a lot different than the way I am feeling. I can worry about something even after it's over. Those who really know me know that it's mostly because of my S.A.D. and O.C.D. and probably my A.D.D. and all the other craziness I have. Honestly I'm lucky to have such a wonderful sweetie that will put up with me and my wackyness. Needless to say though, I really am the Queen of cold feet and at this moment I am very scared. I love Michael with all my heart, and am so happy that I get to be with Him forever. I am no run away bride here people, just a nervouse Bride. I know that Heavenly Father will help me though. I know that He won't only help me but that He will help Michael as well. I hope to attened the temple as often as we can and live a happy life together. I pray every night that Michael and I will be able to work through problems together and keep the spirit in our home. I love Michael and as long as we try our hardest I know that this marriage will last and that we can be together not only forever here on this earth, but even after death, where we will be with our families and all those who follow our Heavenly Father. I pray that He will let me feel at peace.
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