Thursday, September 29, 2011


Prof. soccer games are pretty much the bombdiggity.
The fans go crazy! They really ham it up, and the players are ridiculously entertaining what with their fake injuries, silly stretches, and fights.
But aside from their funny penguin sliding, they can run like really, really fast!
They also have fancy foot work, super hard heads! and really strong calf muscles. But I couldn't help but think of a British Private School while watching the game, you know like Hogwarts! The Real Salt Lake team has the same colors and mascot as Hogwarts does, and the team logo is like one you would see on the vest of a school uniform. It's exciting!

If you do not like soccer, you have to go see a game just for the entertainment. I'm talking fans running out onto the field in anger, soccer players tripping themselves all over the place, streamers flying from the crowed, and people yelling, jumping up and down with their shirts off, and a rooty-toot-toot and drumy-drum-drum band playing the whole time.
Oh yes, soccer games are pure enjoyment.

So Mike and I went to the Real Salt Lake soccer game last night. Salt Lake lost miserably, but I got a really good Churro, so super win for me.

We really had a good time, so thank you Rick and Jen! I'm pretty sure Mike has the nicest boss ever. Really! Would you go to a soccer game with your boss? Yeah, I didn't think so.

this is what we do for entertainment when waiting to get out of the parking lot
Thanks, we know we're adorable

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

lay it on the hubs

I need some serious help. I HATE CLUTTER!
I'm in need of a huge overhaul! A week devoted strictly to a huge makeover! Our room? Our living room? Our KITCHEN? THE WHOLE STINKIN HOUSE? Yeah, it needs a good sort and toss, a good colorful revamp. I need your help though... because I'm not tough enough to tackle it alone. A little something like this to keep me in order will suffice..

He said He's up for the task. I love my husband.
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

to husband with love

Dear husband sir, SURPRISE! I am not pregnant, but we are having a baby. No, not one that will be in my tummy, but one that we will hold and love just the same.
I am letting you know that today it hit me, we will be adopting a little Nepali baby. I hope your parents don't mind having a little Nepali grand baby, my parents are excited. Congratulations "daddy!" I love you.
Don't worry, I know you were not expecting this, neither was I... we will talk when I am home.

But before you ground me from my Waffle Crisp... really think and pray about it.

Tiny Wife

Go ahead and say it.... "Lucy, You've gotta lotof esplainin' to do!"
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

And then the unthinkable happened

Reason #3,650 why I love my Mr. Web Developer Programming Genius Man.
Meet Betty-Hank Charles

I think my favorite part is knowing that Mike is crouched down behind the couch moving the head around!
Also, we were just as suspicious about the mystery "I am not a baby" package as you are.

I love my husband.
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It's harvesting time!

First let me just say thank you to everyone who reads my blog and for your kind words about my parents. They really are super amazing, and they know most of you and would be so happy to hear that you care for them and love them.
Please remember them in your prayers.

Now, for pictures from the Cellar dance!

Now, what in tarnations is a cellar dance?
Well, here in the town I grew up in, we have a lot of Spud cellars. If you don't know what a spud cellar is, I'm going to have to take that into consideration and think about why we are friends...

Me and two of my beautiful sisters

During the Harvesting season, the, everyone who lives around here, harvests the potatos. My favorite part is gleaning the fields. The wet potato dirt smells so good.
So before they fill the dirt spud cellars with the Spuds, the town gets together in Bishop Searle's Cellar to make/drink home made rootbeer, and make/eat home made fries. Made from His delicious spuds.
There is dancing and games and a lot of hay to visit atop.
My mom and Sister
Me and my Daddy
Me and my foster sister ....don't be fooled by the cute smile.
The men had to prove that they were manly and that obviously means a potato sack race!
And another, of one of my beautiful sisters
This weekend is Spud Day, and the kids can't wait!

Be back with more pictures!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The most worthless post in blogging history

Right now I'm writing this post very quickly. We are all in the middle of making dinner, doing homework, and getting ready for the Spud Cellar dance.
It's the thing to do here around harvesting season.
I love my husband so much though and he isn't here with me so wanted to send a little something his way.

He makes us all laugh and we miss him around here.
I made this for you dear, and it's true.

Wish you were here to share homemade root beer and french fries with!
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Monday, September 12, 2011

So I'm home

unfortunately the rest of the kids were not here to be in the picture.
I miss them!!

Here I am, up here in Idaho. I love my house here, the fields ..which, to our dismay, are slowly developing into apartment complexes.. all the fun childhood memories that come back when I pull up into the driveway... my dog, my siblings, and my parents. This is home.

Mike and I came up for one of my cousins weddings and because of everything that is going on here now, and the fact that I wanted to see my Dad..because I love him and never get to see him. I stayed.

Let me just say that my parents are amazing people. My parents have always raised us the very best. Accepting of others, easy going with changes, very well rounded, always had exchange students growing up, traveled, just wherever we were with whoever we were around, we made it work!
We are far from normal, but we love each other a lot.
Recently my parents have opened there hearts up even more and are fostering two children.
The situation is difficult. Very hard.
My parents have already raised children, they were not expecting to have two more, with so many problems, at there age.

Things are pretty exciting around the house these days. Bite marks, bruises, screaming and running. Up at the crack of dawn making school lunch and doing little girls hair before leaving for school. And it wouldn't be a normal day if someone didn't poop in their pants or we didn't learn something exciting! .... like learning that little boy prefers to pee under the bed instead of in the toilet! Oh yeah, life is a party.

My parents are around the age of 60, and I am positive that they are the best, most caring, most loving parents in the world. They have had a lot of hard things in their lives, and a lot of good too, don't get me wrong! I mean, c'mon, I was born! Seriously though, to look at how strong and in love they are, and how they have made it through everything TOGETHER, just makes me smile every day. They are wonderful examples.
But my Mom, She is a wonder woman. I don't know how I will be as good of a mother as she is, but if I am half that, I will be happy. She is such a good person.

So here I am. I am home.
Home that now has little kids getting ready for school early in the morning.
Home that is full of kids doing homework in the evenings, and everyone pitching in to help out.
Home with kids screaming and fighting.
Home with loving parents making everything okay and loving everyone.
My home, that has always been full of happy kids, and grand kids.

So, for the past 2 weeks my Mom has had the two foster kids, and 4 of her 7 grand kids here visiting her. Which, my dear sisters, if you are reading this, made her happy every single day!

But my parents are at the age that they should be thinking about retiring one day, about serving a couples mission, about relaxing and having grandchildren over to visit for a while at a time and then sending home until time for another visit.
Bottom line, they should be acting like grandparents, not parents! But here they are, the amazing, wonderful, selfless, loving people that they are. making everyone happy.

I hope they are able to make themselves happy. All of this stress they have had on their shoulders for well over 7 years, has been difficult for them! My parents have been through a lot, and that is why it is important to me that they know how much I love and appreciate them, and how much I look up to them.

because they honestly are amazing. and, would beat your mom and dad in, the best mom and dad competition. Just saying.

So here are some shots of this weekend while Mikey was up here with us. He is seriously the greatest, aaand I'm such a lucky girl.
it's ok to envy me... I would!


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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Tonight we went and got our hair cut together. It was so much fun! Mikey is seriously the greatest. And check out His new haircut! I am positive He's the most good lookin' guy in the universe. He's also sweet, full of laughs, gives the best hugs, and has great a great smile. I love him a whole orca whale around the neck.
Don't worry, I don't expect anyone but Him to make since of that last sentence.

So, here are some befores and mostly afters.



I think I like it. Do you??

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Wanna get cut?

In less than 2 hours it's going to be gone. We have had a good time, but I am cutting my hair out of my life. Sorry long hair. I love you a lot, you are pretty and it has been fun, and I know that I am going to miss you. A lot. A lot a lot, but I also know that if I don't cut you off, I will ask myself every single day "Should I cut my hair?" So to save the repetitive questions, I'm going to just do it.
It always grows back, right??
the small print
for husband.
when girl cuts hair it is like a break up. you are the friend who is there to comfort her an cheer her on. tell her she looks good. tell her you are going to go out to lunch. let her cry on you shoulder. tell her she made the right decision. eat buckets of ice cream with her. don't let her dwell on the past.
because girl. looks. hot.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I am in love with Fall. My whole life I have loved fall. The prettiness of it all. The color, the cold breeze, the smell, the way everything looks, It is gorgeous! Unfortunately Fall brings in Winter. And I. don't. like. winter.
I would be happy if Winter and Fall switched places. I don't get enough Fall in before Winter comes and high kicks it out, and 2 weeks of winter is a week and a half too long for me! If it were to be just the opposite, the seasons would be perfect. I believe that was a mistake, a pretty big one they try to pass off as nothing. I think fall is a little bugged by the mistake as well, she doesn't like Winter either. Winter snows on her beautiful colors and buries any little remaining proof that she had fallen.
I do like snow flakes and hot chocolate, and the smell of a cozy winter evening though.
But fall, dear sweet fall. How I love you most.
Want to know what else I love about Fall? The fall fashion line. That's right, I get to pull out all my wonderful layers, my cute hats and mittens, and look at all of the new adorable fall clothes. Fall is the best season if you are looking for perfect clothes.
I love them all. I love fall!

This has always been my favorite Teddy Ruxpin and Grubby song. I wish that Autumn wasn't just and in between time, but an all the time, time! Haha
So enjoy a duet with our favorites and then go try on all of your adorable fall clothes!!! That's what I'll be doing if you need me!

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Saturday, September 3, 2011


I was reading a post Casey took from some other blogger, late last night. It had such a good message, I wanted to share it with all of you who read my blog!
So often I find myself doing exactly what she writes about. Lately I have found myself comparing my life to others, wondering why I don't have... or why I didn't.... Or why I'm not as talented/smart/pretty, as someone else! And like She mentioned, it starts to really turn your smile upside down!
So, read the comment and love who you are. Because "today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you."
And you are perfect just the way you are.

a guest post, comparisons
you compare me to you. i compare myself to you, to her, to her life, to her circumstances, to her looks.

comparing has been on my mind lately. how often do we go around the internet, around facebook, around our churches, etc. comparing ourselves to others? we compare our lives to another’s. we compare the way we look to another’s. “oh she is so beautiful. why don’t i have….” or “she has a husband, i mean..why don’t i have…” “she has such a nice car, why don’t i have….” …see where this is going? :) we slowly start comparing until we begin our little journey of discontentment and soon, we are down spiraling into a pit of self pity, of disappointment, and sometimes even envy.

yes, she may be beautiful but you are not her, i am not her. you were created to be who you are. God has given us all certain qualities, gifts, and abilities that He might not have given her. she may have gorgeous hair, but you have beautiful eyes. she might be able to sew, but you can cook. i personally cannot, for the life of me, cook or sew but i can strum a guitar. i think that’s why i never liked looking at magazines much. why spend all of my time looking at all of these celebrities with lovely clothes that i could never even afford. (plus those 5 tips to great hair leaves me wanting to buy some new hair product that i definitely don’t need anyway.) i would much rather spend my time elsewhere rather than comparing and wishing and wanting.

being 21 myself, it is so easy for me to start comparing. the good Lord gave me what i have and it may be different than what you have and what you have may be different than mine…but that’s the beauty of it. we are each able to glorify God in our own unique ways. through our different talents, gifts, words, and abilities. “we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ to do good works…” ephesians 2:10 we are His workmanship. what a profound and beautiful truth! so i can go strum my guitar now and you can go cook or sew and we will each glorify the Lord in what we were called to do, and who we were called to be. :)

Now, want to know something awesome? I was headed over to her blog to admire her cute looks and, most likely, leave feeling pretty down. When, instead of reading about her cute hair, her adorable clothes, and her unique painting skills, I saw this post, and left feeling really good instead :)
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