Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some stuff

What a title, right?

So I got to back to work again after having to take a month off because of my surgery, and oh my goodness! These adorable kids have grown SO MUCH in a month.
They celebrated their 3RD birthdays while I was away recovering, and I think it changed them. They seem so mature now. I couldn't believe it. Their Mom is about to have another little one and I'm sure She's going to be just as adorable as these two. I'm SO lucky to know this family. They are amazing.

(Todays fun)
I can't believe how much they have grown since I started watching them!

Michael came along a couple times and was so sweet to them. Mikes such a caring person, I'm so blessed. One Thursday night we took them up to see the temple. They were so cute while we were there! Their parents are such great examples and their Mom is so loving. They taught them so much about the Temple, It was so cute listening to everything they had to tell me about it.
(favorite shot)
I think we all had fun.

So, were you wondering what happened when I woke up?
Watch and see!


So now you know! Happy you watched? Of course you are! You got to see me in my pj's acting ridiculous. The guy in the back is my wonderful brother. He's truly the best.
Mike got a fun new device for his PS3 and we were trying it out.
We've had a lot of fun lately, making ourselves look like idiots.


Another thing that has been keeping us entertained is this very sad News story.
Unfortunately for the girl, She has a very entertaining brother that makes you laugh while watching the horrible story!

We have found though, that many, MANY other people have been entertained by this guy and some very talented person made a very funny music video out of the news story. Check it out, you'll be glad you did.

(to watch the original video, which I suggest you do, as it is NOT as funny if you haven't seen the original, search for bed intruder original on youtube)

Hope you've had a FUN day!
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Pimp and the Ho fart in a shoe box

Firstly let me just tell you, the title was NOT going to be Pimp and the Ho fart in a shoe box. I think that's gross. But I'm sitting in a living room at 2:00 in the morning with two guys. ... need I say more?

So, I went to see Letters To Juliet last week, and it was really, really good. It started weird with kissing sea fish and Japanese cartoon people and had a lot of corniness, but it was a Chick Flick, so what did I expect? Not exactly that, But the movie was really awesome. I loved it, and I want  to buy it as soon as it is out. Amanda Seyfried was the main girl in it and as you all know, her hair is gorgeous. Anyway, it made me remember my hair back in the day and now I miss it.. No, I'm not going to grow it that long again, but I do want to grow it out a little! And who knows, maybe I'll go back to blond again and make My Dad and Michael super happy. But don't get your hopes up.

Also, My Brother has been staying with us for a little bit. Michael is really nice and has opened his home to my crazy family. I'm sure this bothers him, I mean how can it not?! It's his soon to be in-laws, I think that's worse than actual official in-laws. I'm sorry honey! It has been fun having my Brother with us for a while though, and I think that Mike is enjoying it too. I'm happy they get along so well, it's great. It's fun being around them when they're together. They both have a lot in common, it's kinda weird, haha. We've been having a lot of fun though, I'm going to miss him when he goes to Washington. Guess we'll have to take a road trip up along the Oregon coast to visit. Oh darn.. not.
 This is what goes on during the day...
  And this...
  And at night, this!

We also have a Chinese girl living with us, AKA Random Chinese Girl. Becky is just too long to say. It's been pretty crazy having her here. I was telling Mike that I have been around so many Chinese people my whole life, It's really ridiculous. It's just because I'm an Everett, no way to get away from it, haha. Anyway, hopefully for Michaels sake She wont be here too long. She's a really sweet girl though. I've been taking her up to campus and when I took her Tuesday, I had about 5 hours to kill so I called up an old friend and She came over to keep me company. We had fun playing/watching ourselves play, Monster Fashion Show  in the "cool building" Then I realized that it was the ROTC building, and the "cool wall" was probably a window. Sweet.

We had lunch with Random Chinese Girl after her classes and found out that it is really fun to watch her eat a sandwich. She eats it one layer at a time, with.... chopsticks! Awesomeness.

  I don't have a picture of her yet... but apparently this building is near her house! Haha

Well there you go. That is all for now. Mostly I just wanted to get some pictures up, but figured I better catch you up so you knew why I was posting random pictures. Hope you're having a fun week too!
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

This is a test blogspot
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summers End

I'm going to use my tonsillectomy as an excuse for not writing a lot. This post is going to be over the top mostly photos, like all pictures and no words. Mostly of things that happened in the last month or so.

My nephew Taiger and His Mom left to Hai Nan China. We wanted to do something special with Taiger before he left and so we decided to take him to the American Fark Fair. He. Loved. It. It was the funnest day ever. We also found out that he is fearless, I loved it. I think we all had a really good time.
Uncle Michael always puts Taiger up on his shoulders and Taiger  LOVES it. He is such the best Uncle Mike.
We were getting low on tickets and Michael gave Taiger his very own and let him hold it and told him that he could pick any ride he wanted to go on. Taiger thought that was the coolest thing in the world. That was it, Michael's made it into the COOL UNCLE category after that little maneuver. >Sfeurgenson!<

He chose the Ferris Wheel. Definitely related, I love the Ferris Wheel. So of course, he chose ME to go on it with him. Mwaha.

The ride got stopped because of us. I guess you are not supposed to rock the seats because they don't want you to have fun because of safety purposes. I dono. We didn't get kicked off because we promised we wouldn't do it anymore and then Taiger called the man a Stupid Loopid Head (that's his "mean" name for people) It was ok though, I explained to him how he only made us stop because he didn't want the little children to have fun He was worried that maybe by rocking the seats someone could get hurt.

Taiger thought it was cool that we could look down and see BeQin and Kramer. He kept saying "I'm higher than even Michael Kramer is!"

Michael and I went on a ride too...... it was death. We knew it was going to spin, and be fast, and we both thought we knew what we were getting ourselves into.... we didn't. That ride lasted forever. We didn't know why no one else was riding it, it looked fun and colorful.. so inviting. It lured us in and then caught us in it's trap of awfulness. Michael almost died. I couldn't pick my head up no matter how hard I tried. and after, after when it FINALLY stopped, we couldn't walk straight. I don't think we will ever fully recover from that ride. And look at us in that picture. So happy, we don't even know what's going to happen to us.

After we were all pooped we headed over to The Purple Turtle for some good Shakes, Fish sandwiches, Grilled Cheese with Pickles, Hot dogs, and Burgers.


Michael and I also went to Lagoon a little while ago. It's changed a lot since we were both there. the music on the rides are worse and the rides are alot shorter than they used to be. Also, the food is more expensive.... Guess we haven't been in a long time. We kinda sound like old people lol. It was A TON of fun though. I loved it! Michael is SOOOOOO sweet. He woke up and thought that is felt like a Lagoon Day. I like his spontaneous mornings. Although every morning with Michael is a spontaneous morning, just sometimes it's eating colored chocolate chip waffles with salad tongs and other days it's no breakfast at all because we're off to Lagoon :) I. LOVE. HIM.  So enjoy the pictures I have. and be jealous of our fun.

And Rattle Snake Rapids is SO FUN. Especially if you go to Lagoon in the middle of summer like we did instead of waiting like normal people. It cools you off for a little bit and feels absolutely amazing. Also, they have a Subway there. It's hiding, but it's there. Right by the Old Opera House and it's not over priced like everything else! Amazing!  I love you Subway.

So, I mentioned us getting old up there some where, and I wasn't lyin to ya. Honest. Check it out for yourselves!

Doesn't he look like he's soon going to turn into Mr. Monopoly Man? Haha! So H.O.T.

And, just if any of you were wondering, YES, they're kissproof! We tested. You're welcome.

I love shopping with a mustache! It makes you feel so awesome? Wonderful! like you know what's going on! So
sophisticated like! And guess what! Only 25 cents for one! inside the doors, at Smiths. BEST 50 cents. ever. spent. Mine is hanging on the mirror in the bathroom now so that while I'm brushing my teeth, I can line it up right on my face and have a mustache. I love them. And I love the accent you develop whilst wearing them. I had an old man stache. It's kind of creepy.

and guess where the Smiths is located????? RIGHT BY OUR NEW HOME! Yup! Got ourselves a new house! Michael got a new home and when I finally marry him I will be aloud to decorate it and live in it and call it home too. Isn't that exciting?! I new house! And my Dad came to visit for a few days before my surgery and picked up the fake rose that had been in our flower bed since we moved in. (I don't know why we left it there)  but he put it in his empty Pepsi can on the porch and when I had come home he asked me if I had seen his gift! I ad no Idea what he ws talking about and told him I'd come in through the garage and he sent me back out to look. ..heavy sarcasm on this next part..  Oh! Yay! hooray, thanks Daddy!  A Rose in a Pepsi can vase... big grin... Anyway, I took a picture. It was the last night I ate and would be the last night I ate for the next 9 days.... I just didn't know that. Fun. Not fun. Haha.

I got my Tonsils out Aug. 2. Today is Aug 12. and yesterday I ate and drank a little. for the first time in what seems like a long time. And then lastnight I unswallowed all of it. I love food. I'm a person who loves food so much a would bring it to bed with me. the first thing I do when I'm still waking up in th morning is eat a bowl of cereal to wake me up. then we I actually am awake, I'm hungry and I have my for reals breakfast haha. So not eating for over a week straight has KILLED me. I love food way to much. Now you all think I'm fat and chubby. and that's ok. lol
My Dr. lied to me, he said it would not be bad at all and getting them out when you are older isn't any worse then if you do it when you're young. DON'T BELIEVE THAT!!! IT'S NOT TRUE!!!! DON'T GET YOUR TONSILS OUT IF YOU ARE A BIG KID! DON'T DO IT!!! This is what they make you think it will be like

You are laying there smiling with your sweet Doctors who aren't busy at all,  holding Mr. Teddy Bear. You have your balloons by your bed and probably some ice cream because everyone gets ice cream! What? what is that Bryttan? You can't HAVE Ice cream? They lied?! Oh my golly!!!  Well surely you can have pop sickles! You can't have those either? Because they didn't tell you this, but you can get thrush really bad if you get your tonsils taken out? and YOU did?! Oh my gosh! But this girl looks so happy...

Also, Brett and Karin warned me of this one. I couldn't blow my nose. (I did anyway) But I couldn't do it hard! I felt like doing this the whole time though!!!

I love this picture.  Anyway, I am going too see if I can keep anything down today. I was in the ER for a few days and one of those days was Michaels Birthday. I feel so badly but we are going to celebrate after I'm well. We'll go all out with it too. Hopefully it's nice and works out! He's so sweet. He's put up with sick throwing up dying me and my Sister and Mom staying here to take care of me for the past 2 weeks too. I'm so grateful to him for helping me and letting my Mom stay here with me. Moms are amazing. I'm soooo happy mine has been here. She helped me SO MUCH. Everyone has. angela gave me THE BEST get well basket I have EVER in my life gitten before. maybe it's because it's tho only get well 'basket' I have received, but it has saved me, She filled that thing so full of amazinginess, I wish I had a picture! I think I asked someone to get one for me, but I was asking for a lot of things as I was deathly and I don't think I got one of it done up all cute. Fed is the best Frog friend and human can have, and I have already started knitting a purse. I have never knitted before, but I am SO excited to be learning.  And those cookies are the first things I'm diving into when I can eat again. It's on the list with everything else. I've made a huge list of what I want to eat when I can again haha. anyway, I'll post again, but this post I think is long and I really don't know who is goingt o sit and read the whole thing so I'm going to end it. I weighed me today though and I'm all the way up to 80! Such a good sign. Let's see if I can keep stuff down today and maybe I won't have to spend another gazillion hours in room 19 again :P

Oh, and look what I found! It's on a record! Haha. Thought it was fitting. Bye!


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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

 I love you Bryttan.

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