Monday, October 31, 2011


It's my #1 favorite holiday!
Michael and I have been invited to a few different parties over the week. While we were in Canada, we knew we would not have time to make our Zombie Bob Ross and Dead Happy Tree costumes before the first party (As it was the night we got back from our million hour drive) SO we found the cheapest kids costumes at the store in Canada and pulled them together with a little extra fabric and hot glue. We went as a cow and a milk maid. It was really cute. We were definitely the best dressed. I have since then, dressed up as a pumpkin, and a Raccoon and Mike has dressed up as a rag doll. I've got a picture to prove it. He's adorable! LOL
But Seeing as today is Halloween and we haven't made it to the store to get our official Halloween Costumes, It looks like we might just be answering the door as Cow and Raccoon. Michael told a co-worker about our Zombie Bob Ross and Dead Happy Tree costumes and the guy called into the radio station and won a cake for having the most unique costume idea! All I'm sayin is I better get a piece of that cake. C'mon it wasn't HIS idea! But I'm glad that our costume idea won!
I was going to be Bob by the way, and Mike was the happy tree.
We still have a family Halloween Party to go to, and I'm thinking that that will be the perfect place to show them off.
I was reading another blog today though, and the girl mentioned what She might want to go as.... BOB ROSS AND A HAPPY TREE! ..What the what?!
She either heard the call on the radio, read my blog a few weeks ago (but let's get real here folks. No strangers read this blog!) Hahahaha. Or maybe it's just one of those things that are very rare and unbelievable, but happen.
If that's the case, I guess great minds just think alike!

So I'll post pictures tomorrow or maybe even later tonight. We're bringing out our Horror Film collection and handing out candy to all the cute kids tonight!
I love seeing all the different costumes!
Halloween is so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

watch the video and try not to envy us

Ok, not really. I'm super corny. Be jealous of the cornyness.
I put together some video clips of Me and Mike in Lethbridge, I love watching it I'm sure more than you will! We had so much fun though. SO MUCH FUN!
Oki doki! Click HERE to watch the video :)
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Monday, October 24, 2011

just a few pictures of our trip!!

*drum roll please*

We went to CANADA!
yup. It was awesome.
Mike surprised me and took me to Canada for our 1 year anni! We had so much fun! We met friends, went to Banff, built a house for Habitat for Humanity, watched some giant Coyotes in a cemetery, and just had a grand old time. You can see more pictures over at our wordpress home.


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Saturday, October 15, 2011

We made it a year!

Yup the Mr. and I have been married for 12 months come tomorrow morning. Crazy? I think so! What a wonderful year it has been. I love my Kramebot more and more every single day, except when I don't. KIDDING! ! !
A whole year though, whoa! It's truly remarkable. How I love that Man.

So He told me what my anniversary present was today. But only after I had to guess by using his clues he gave me. I DID get part of the gift right, where we were going. The second part I couldn't figure out... I'll give you the clues and let you know when I'm back :) Let's just say I'm laughing about where he is taking me, but totally loving what we are doing and what we'll be seeing/experiencing.

Thank you stud muffin!

So clue #1.
it involves something big and purple....

Clue #2.
Pack boots, warm clothes etc.
..... but it isn't going to be cold. We are going to the most sunny place. Uh... waht? we're going to look silly building sand castles in scarves and mittens...

Clue #3.
I need to know a head of time what we are doing because I have to sign wavers and read about it before I am able to do it.

Answer to my question: "No it is not sky diving or bunjy jumping. No adrenaline rush."
umm..... I'm stumped!

But holla holla! I figured it out, can you??

OK a little hint... we're heading North.

See you when I'm back!

October 16. 2010
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Today is pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day here in the US.
Today I hold a special place in my heart for all the parents around the world who have lost a child. After birth or prior to birth, it is still a loss of your child and still something that you should never have to go through alone.

Mikey and I lost our baby in March. Though we were not far enough along for others to feel like we lost a child, to us, we did. We were far enough along to love that baby. To be excited. For me to feel morning sickness. We had not told anyone about our pregnancy, and it wasn't until after the miscarriage that we told our family. It was hard. I was devastated. I can never in my whole life forget that moment. The visits to the Dr. The phone calls with the mid wife. The pain. But from that I have grown. I understand the loss of a child prior to birth. I now have a very special place in my heart that I never had before. If you have not experienced it, you don't truly understand.

The miscarriage was especially hard for me. For many reasons.
The pregnancy was not planned, so we had the shock and then the excitement and then the loss.
We had not been married long, so when we miscarried and were stuck with the thousands of dollars in bills, it was hard. It still is hard. Most people get a child with the bills, so while you may be stressed about money and payment plans, you still have a sweet baby cradled in your arms. We are still paying for the Dr. visits and it has been very hard being reminded of our loss and having to pay so much every month. You just want it to end, but it doesn't.
Another hard but very exciting thing was that during the painful week I was miscarrying, my awesome sister in law and her husband shared with all of us the news that they were expecting too! With in weeks of our due date. While I was so happy for them (they have gone through a lot as well) it was very hard for me to smile and hug them and express my true happiness for them while I was standing there bleeding, and having contractions. Your hormone levels are up and down for weeks after a miscarriage too, so I know that didn't help. I love them so much, and I already love their sweet little baby girl, who is expected to arrive any day now! I can hardly stand it.
As excited as I am for her though, there is still just a little but of pain in the special place in my heart. My Mom who has had many miscarriages, and my aunt who has lost a baby at 4 months, have both said, that as hard as it is for you to accept, the pain will never go away. It doesn't make you a bad person, it doesn't make you love the other person or their child any less, it is just there to remind you of your own child. To appreciate their love for their baby, and be happy for them. For their family.
And I am.

So while my miscarriage was hard, all miscarriages are hard. Any loss is hard. I have written before about comparing the loss of a child prior to birth and a loss of a child after birth, and it cannot be done. They are very different.

So today I think of the mothers who have lost a child post birth, and for those who have miscarried, like myself. My prayers go out to you on this important day. Don't try to hide your feelings today, if you are feeling like a good cry, let today be the day, because today is all about you and your child that is in heaven, watching out for you, wanting you to be at peace.
I am thankful that we have this day dedicated to parents who have experienced grief and are suffering, because it is never ending. I have not written and have barely talked about my miscarriage, and today I am able to. Today I feel like it is okay to. I don't like to because I know that it was supposed to happen, that Michael and I are still very young and have not been married a whole year yet, and that maybe it was for the best, and when I talk about it, I am just whining. But that is ok. I should feel sad sometimes, and I can feel okay that Heavenly Father took my baby for a reason. Today, I can think about my baby.

Tomorrow Mikey and I will celebrate our one year anniversary.
We have made it a whole year. Congratulations, babe!
We have already experienced so much together. We have learned so much about life, and have made so many memories. I cannot wait for what lies ahead. I am so lucky to be going through life with you. Let's make the best of it.
"Adventure is out there."

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Friday, October 14, 2011


Halloween is approaching and Mike and I are still contemplating our costume choices.

The Tin Man and the (murdered by the Tin Man) Dorthy
& Brutus
Bob Ross and a "Happy Tree"
Nacho Libre and Esqueleto
Nacho and Sister Encarnacion
Tube Socks
Zlad and girl

So, who would we look best as? Cast your vote!

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You know, just some of my in laws.

I think this is my "SMILE A DAY" post for today.
So I was looking at this picture today, and it always makes me laugh when I see a picture of myself next to my husband or his family! I hear it from random people, and my in laws, and we make jokes about it, but unless I actually look at a picture, I don't realize how short I actually am and how tall they really are!
When I see a picture of us standing next to each other I cannot help but love us!! It makes me laugh so hard! And all the jokes and comments we get from people really make since! I mean, this is what they see when we walk into the restaurant together, or when we go in to the grocery store, or when we're playing kick ball together.
Now that I think of it, I feel pretty proud of myself! I play KICK BALL with these guys!!
Need I say more??
Oh and yes, my "little" brother in law over my shoulder is 6 years younger that me. What of it?

Ready to play?
Follow my blog
Post a picture of something that makes you smile
Post a picture of YOU smiling
If you feel like saying a little something, go a head! Write about what made you smile
Write about what makes you smile
Then, LINK UP with us!
Pass a long a smile :)

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I love this season

Fall is my favorite time of the year.
I have so many reasons why I love fall, the smell, the crisp air, the color, the cute clothes, pumpkin everything!
-I could go on forever.
Here are pictures of some Fall time things I have around the house that I am enjoying right now.

cute cords and cozy slippers

the "happy harvest" blocks michael and i bought when we were dating

steamed milk grande


stew... oh and while i was making it i found a face on my spoon. i took that as a good sign :)

cinnamon rolls and great harvest

happy jack-o-lanterns and delicious candles

Happy Fall everyone!

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Our week

Sunday picnic in the park


Carnival of Souls
a lot of Netflix watching
A real life "pillow pet"
I spy RON PAUL! Singing in the choir?!
Conference Bingo!
S'mores in the backyard

I hope ya'll had a great week too!

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Sunday, October 2, 2011