Thursday, June 30, 2011

i love mom

I was so lucky to have my Momma here today. She and my sister came to visit, and I love having them here. My Mom and I went shopping today and I got a new blow dryer!! Thank Heaven for that. My old one was, well, old. My Mom and I spent so long trying to find the best blow dryer for the best price, c’mon, we’re not all made of money! And we finally decided on the best one. Then we turned the corner, in Target of course, and there was another blow dryer on the shelf with bold words printed on the box; BEACH WAVES! That was it, we were sold! We are not the best shoppers. The box yelled at me! It said it does B.E.A.C.H. W.A.V.E.S… I don;t know what those are, but I like what I see when I think about it! I was sold because of the words on the box. And I am okay with that. Want to know the best part? It was even cheaper than the other one we were set on! Yeah! A magical Beach wave making blow dryer AND at a great price? YIPPEE! I don’t know if it will actually work. In fact, it will probably make my hair even more frizzy than it already is 100% of the time. But Imma hopin’
Just as long as it doesn’t make actualy beach waves. You know, with the fish and the seaweed… I have to say though, that would be money well spent! A blow dryer that could do that?! Pretty impressive. And weird…

Anyway, I love shopping with my Mom. I have the best parents. I miss my Dad so much!!!

We ended our shopping fun with a trip to the Dr. I have had really bad pain and after some blood work, Ultra sounds (that part of the day was emotionally hard) Urine samples, stripping down, checking out my insides, and all of that other fun stuff, I was informed that I have an ovarian cyst that had bled into itself and so I have blood in my stomach, Sweet right? No, because that wouldn’t be causing this much pain. So good to know I have that, but not the answer to anything. Ok, So I also found out that I have strange ovarys. Still not why I’m hurting. After much talking and thinking, and thinking, and pain, and a lot more pain, yup I was fighting back the tears, We decided it wasn’t a hernia, not kidney stones, not a bladder infection, not a lot of other stuff I had never even heard about. And then, he took me into a room to talk about the possibilities, and there are dos.
1. Appendix
2. Ectopic pregnancy

I will know tomorrow. It was hard being back in an the room having another ultra sound. It only reminded me of my miscarriage. My Mom spent over 4 hours with me at the Dr. today. I love her to pieces! He is pretty positive that it is my appendix. If this is the case, I will go in for a scan asap, and double check, from there I will go into surgery, and voila!! Just like that, mysterious pain gone! If it is not my appendix, it is the Ectopic Pregnancy. Which we will further discuss if that is the case. Anyway, that’s today. I’m so grateful for my Mom. She is wonderful and I love Her so much.
Aren’t Mammas just the best.

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Monday, June 27, 2011


I heart Target so much. I would marry target if I could. It's a weakness I have. If I go into Target, I want to buy everything. And don't get me started on their adorable baby clothes.

Look how cute this tub is! Put some ice in this, and keep your drinks cold!
And ook how cute and perfect these nautical cups are
Oh yes. I love Target.
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Michael and His ideas

I set to work sewing a "human rubber band" for Mike a few days ago, and after failing miserably with awful horrible thread, I resewed it about....6 different times and we went out to play. We had all just gone out to Pei Wei for dinner and were feeling full, I don't know what gave us the bright idea to go play in it when we did, but we found many different ways to use it. I cannot wait until we get more fabric so I can sew a bigger one. We'll be able to get a lot of people in it. It'll be a gas!
Here's just a little bit of the fun we had. It's a pretty easy concept, I'll post a tutorial soon when I do the bigger one.

Happy weekend!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

For Karin

My sister in law is expecting a sweet baby girl this October and I thought of some really great baby names, and wanted to share them with Her. So Karin, this post is for you!!

So as much as I really love the name Bucky, I think that you shouldn't give up on all the other great names out there! For instance, wouldn't you like to be yelling at Pamela to clean up her room? Or what about taking little Brenda to dance class...

See? there are so many names out there, I wanted to give you a list of the best ones around :)

I just don't want you to rule out all of the names. Your babies name is very important! It will affect their whole life!

Ruth. Doesn't that sound beautiful?
Patricia. Pretty Patricia.
Becky. It's like Bucky but not! I think little Bucky would probably look like this

There is the name Bonnie
"My name is Pru! How do you do!"

Or if this little baby decides to be a twin, you could have Olga and Myrtle!

And c'mon, let's not forget about the boys names! It is quite trendy to give your daughter a boys name!
What about Larry?

Such a Peach!

Harry or Bruce?

Alfie maybe? You could call Her Fi Fi!
I just want you to really think about the name of my Niece. The name is everything. Hope these names helped!
Also, I think you should put her in Beauty Pageants. Like Makenzi's Mom!
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A very merry unbirthday, to us!

I decided that today we were going to have a birthday party. It isn't any of our birthdays, but birthdays are so fun! I think that the Mad Hatter has the best Idea. He is right after all, we only get ONE birthday a year. That means we have 364 days to have unbirthdays!

I didn't have time to bake a cake unfortunately, but I was able to get some cookies and yummy frosting to decorate and pretend they were cake! They were flat so you could layer frosting between them and stack them up like a big unbirthday cake!

We had so much fun setting the table, making hats, blowing out candles, decorating and singing every birthday, excuse me, UNBIRTHDAY song we could think of plus some fun ones we made up. We danced and had balloons and then had a pretend water fight upstairs with our squirt guns for our pretend birthdays.

It was such a fun party. The kids really enjoyed finding toys around the house and wrapping them up in make shift paper and giving them to each other! Kids are the best to play pretend with. They have the best imaginations. Although as fun as we had pretending to eat cake, they were upset that we didn't have real cake. Fail on my part. I'll be sure to bake a cake next time.

I have been watching these kids since they were teeny tiny. I love them dearly and am so lucky to know their family and be a part of their life .

Aside from the normal tantrums and clogged toilets and all that other fun stuff you get with kids, I'm pretty sure I have one of the best jobs ever!

Last week Snooter Winker hit my face. When I told Her that it isn't nice to hit, She looked at me very seriously and said, "I didn't hit you, I gave you a high five on your kisser!"
How could I not laugh?

And, because it was our birthday, we got to choose how old we were!
Here are the birthday kids (and how old they turned today)!


No tutorials, but all super easy. I'm sure you can figure it all out. And if you decide to get crafty and have an unbirthday, link up to me, I'd love to see your clever ideas!

Tiny Hats: scrapbook paper cut into a circle , then cut up the middle, and glued into place making a cone shape
Decorate with fun little craft things. We pulled some googly eyes, sequins and flower beads out of the craft bag for ours.
Punch holes in sides and tie yarn through to keep those cute things from falling off.

Glue: Trusty Elmers

*A fun way to teach the kids how to not use too much glue: Turn your Elmers Glue bottle into a bird. Tell them to make sure the beak (orange tip of glue) is pressing against the paper so that the bird can eat it's food. That makes it so the glue cannot all escape into a big sticky puddle.

Banner: Not homemade today. Fail on my part again. I just grabbed one from the Dollar Store. Oh that wonderful place.

Balloons: No surprise people, I got those from there as well.

Cookies: Big Wheels. Worked perfectly.

Frosting: that yummy, all ready, whipped kind!

Then pick up any other fun birthday things you can find. Noise makers, cups, plates, napkins, plastic knifes for frosting, sprinkles, candles... Whatever you want. Just have fun and remember that the kids love playing pretend and are just happy to be celebrating a pretend birthday!

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Friday, June 17, 2011

That facebook fun

So my friend had one of those "like" this and I'll tell you, dot dot dot things

I "liked" and He wrote back with this

‎1.How we met: Ryan Ford
2.Your name in my phone: Bryttan
3.Have I ever liked you: a little at first, Now more of a sister :P
4.What I like best about you: ADVENTURES!!!!!!!
6.Favorite memory of us: The entire first summer I met you
7.What I first thought about you: she's so going to get herself killed one day lol
8.How close we are: Not very because I never got the invite to the wedding and we always asked you about it lol
(I made my favorites stand out for you)

I love his answers so much. Really quite perfect.

Always adventures. ALWAYS.

First summer we met... of course it was fun. You were with me, and I love Summer adventures!

And He is very much right on this one, I hear it a lot. I have no doubt I will get myself killed

doing something ridiculously fun one day.

Thanks B!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This just in!

I'm getting older!

It doesn't even feel like my Birthday is tomorrow. So much has happened in a year.
I was sick on my birthday last year, I do remember that. Mike came over and brought me The Power Puff Girls. Now that is LOVE :)
The birthday before that, was one of my favorites. My Mom, my sister, my nephew Taiger, Ryan, and Myself were living in Sugarhouse. I went shopping and snagged a lot of cute clearance things. I shopped with Ry, and called in sick to work to go bowling with some of my favorite friends, and neighbors at the time, Matiullah, Shahidah, & Leila... They're pretty much the best and are my other family.

That evening, I went and got frozen Custard with an old friend and pretended we were getting married so that we could go try on Bridal gowns.
It was such a fun day and living in Sugarhouse was wonderful. I loved it. That night on my birthday, like every other birthday since I was eleven, we went out to my favorite restaurant, The Pierpont Cafe. You may know it as Cafe Pierpont. So many memories I have took place in that wonderful, colorful, happy, party in a box kind of Restaurant. SO MANY!

Their Key Lime Pie is to die for, and my Dad and I would always order the 7 layer chocolate cake to go with it.. even though it was not on the menu.. That's right, they would go over to the bakery down the walk and have them make it for us and then bring it over for us to eat. That is how wonderful they are!!!
So back to the birthday I was previously going on and on about... Unfortunately that year, only two of my sisters, my nephew, my Mom, and Ry were able to be there. We were all very excited, as this is a special treat and tradition! after a long time of driving around, we found a parking spot so far away from the Cafe (like always) that we are even more starving than we already were! We walk through the rotating door into the restaurant and I noticed that something was off.. A very..."bouncy" lady came over in a belly shirt and asked me how many were in my party, I told her and then She asked for my ID.. At that point I had realized that the whole place was decorated like a night club! My sister and Mom came in at that point WITH my 2 year old nephew and were very, very heart broken. I asked Her where the Pierpont had moved to, and She let me know that they did not move, only closed. We all walked out with the longest faces. It was the end of our tradition. No more Pierpont celebrating for me. We settled on Applebees and of course still had a fun time. Anyway, that was one of my favorite most recent birthdays.


Whenever I think of my birthday, a certain kind of memory comes into my mind. The kind you cannot describe. It's the morning light, and the summer smell in the early morning breeze. French toast, mixed with a just cleaned kitchen, the smell of a new shirt, and always the sound of at least one fan going in the house and a crop duster flying outside.

This is my favorite place to go to when I want something perfect to think about. It has always been this same memory.
I grew up in a small town in Idaho, surrounded by fields. On my birthday I would always wake up early and my Mom had already been up since the crack of dawn and always had the house clean, windows and doors open and was ready to start the day. This was her routine every day. My mom would always tell me she was very excited to give me a present and let me open one as soon as I woke up. It was my favorite. This first present was always a new outfit. And I will always remember the smell of my new clothes growing up. They had a particular smell. After that present I always knew that I was going to be given another gift shortly after I ate, French Toast of course, and when The present was opened, it was always some sort of plastic toy. A set of Jacks, A jump Rope, a Ball, a Polly Pocket.. or, and most of the time, a new doll. I just remember them all so well. Whenever I think of Summer I think of all those things. The lighting, the smells, the sounds, the breeze, all of them. I love having a Summer Birthday. As far back as I can remember I had a birthday party. I got to choose the theme, and my Mom somehow worked her magic and made it the best. And let me tell you, these birthdays were a lot of the time sleepovers, and I always had at the least 8 people. I remember my surprise party She through, I couldn't believe I wasn't going to have a party. She took me to lunch and my Dad met us there for sandwiches, and I remember how happy I was just being there with the two of them! That was such a good birthday.

So, does it feel like it is going to be my birthday in an hour? Not really, but I cannot wait :) No matter where I am, how I celebrate, who I am with What I am eating, it is still a birthday, and how can you not enjoy those? This is my first birthday as a wife, and I am so excited to be celebrating it with my guy. He is so wonderful to me, and so loving. To wake up next to Him will be the best present. It means I have grown up well and all those birthday must have been good for me to get this far. Thanks Mom and Dad (who are not reading this) I because of my family I love my birthday. I cannot wait to be one year older and wiser!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Let's make a list

My birthday is in a few days, and there isn't that much that I can think to ask for! This weekend I have been given some great things! Here they are :)

Some of my Grandma Everetts old sewing things

Good inspiration for decorating/organizing my home

the words "I will help you decorate and organize the house" from my wonderful husband

A sleeping bag that happens to match perfectly with my pillowcases I just bought at Ross AND
our new Tent our friends graciously gave to us. THANK YOU BLAINE AND AMY!

A fun camping trip And Hiking in Bryce Canyon

The best hat ever and a wonderful night thanks to my best friend, Ry

a bright orange slap stick wrist watch

and a happy pig with which to water my flowerbed

Pretty great, right? I feel like a birthday girl already!

Now since it is going to be my birthday, I do have the right to make a list of things I would still enjoy receiving. Here it is:

A ticket to Belize

So I can go here

A good book

A few new shirts

Start up singing lessons again

Shooting classes

My pictures to become photos. I cannot hang them when they are on my computer, Silly!

a dinner with friends

My house to get done

& Sunnyshine!

Ok, I realize most of these things don't belong on a "what I would like for my birthday" list, but rather on a wish list... But as long as I'm making a list, I may as well put down my wishes too!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

I love Googles little surpises

If ya'll haven't gone over to Google today, you're missing out. It's really fun and makes you feel all happy and wonderful! You can make music and as you play, the strings become colorful! Color and music all at the same time?! It's like the happiest day ever! So what are you waiting for? GO CHECK IT OUT!!!!

You feel super talented because you played a song!
This one is mine, go ahead, listen!
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011



My Best and most favorite older brother got married this week and it was beautiful! the wedding was in an old bed and breakfast style building up in the mountains of my home state Idaho.

Are they not the cutest couple ever? I am so happy for these two!

Since I was up at my parents house doing wedding things all day every day, (weddings are very time consuming!) I didn't take a lot of pictures and most of the time I wasn't all dolled up.
So excuse my negligence. I'll try to be better this week :)

the night before the wedding. My nephew and I decided to take a little break from wedding things and play. My Mom and Sister soon realized what they were missing out on and joined in too.

Stretchy pants: Forever Twenty one
White Tee: Downeast basics
Tank: Wet Seal for a penny. Really! only 1 cent!

If you didn't already know, I'm a nanny to three of the sweetest little pickles. This is a shot with Mr. S. Right before he through the biggest tantrum of all time. Seriously.
Shirt: Ross
Cardigan: Target
Jeans: Anchor Blue many years ago
Shoes: Gifted from Aero

Shirt: Ross
Pants: Aeropostale
Shoes: Payless
Mustard Seed Necklace: Deseret Book

Sweater & Shoes: Ross
Dress: Maurices
Earrings: Charolatte Russe
Mustard Seed Necklace: Deseret Book
Headband: Hand made by me
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