Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ten things that make me smile

Animals that make you laugh

colorful shoe laces

Carts full of flowers

watching funny people play racquetball


Making food look like Legos

Silly games like this

..and Hide-And-Go- Seek

Finding a real life Dr. Seuss cake

and this picture
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Bradshaw & Justin's Birthday EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!

Tonight was a night of food, lasers, and shirts with phallic shaped objects on them.

It began with dinner at Golden Pheonix! Where I ordered Almond Chicken, which is 100% not even close to what Almond Pressed Chicken at Magic Wok was good nonetheless.

After dinner, I definitely did not lock my keys in my car and make Bradshaw drive to my mothers house to get the spare key and then back, instead we went straight to the laser tag place where we commenced a massive 3 way team battle of awesomeness.

Bryttan and I represented Team Green. We came in DEAD LAST! HA! Take that..oh..wait. :( Sad Face. It was extremely fun however, even though we got dead last. I blame myself, I left my teammate alone and she was taken advantage of by horrible men. Not in that way. They just killed her a lot, and did scare tactics. Grrr. If I would have been there, their blood would have been SPILT. SPILT I TELL YEAH! SPILT LIKE A GLASS OF COLD MILK! THAT IS WARM,..AND RED....! HA!

After laser tag, when we became civilized human beings again, we went to Jason and Amy's house to watch a movie. We ended up watching Angels and Demons, it was alright, but I pretty much hated the DaVinci code and didn't much like Angels and Demons it seemed pretttttyy corny to me, but it was still alright. Why is it in every religious movie the Angels are always pointing the way to "hell"?

Then we departed and that brings me to here, and I am tired, and I'm going to sleep, so I leave you with a picture of Justin wearing the aforementioned shirt.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today, is the day we are celebrating Justin's Birthday, and he had to work at 1 AM, so he left to work....and I began.

The Plan:
I had purchased a big bag of Confetti, and not the normal plain old paper confetti, this was shiny metallic confetti that would be extremely hard to clean up. I also purchased a My Little Pony coloring activity book, a Doll, A horrible Kids DVD, and a Ridiculous Shirt (with colored keys on it). I was going to put confetti all over his room, and make him ridiculously mad at me.

The Stage:
Justin always has his ceiling fan on, always, even now in the winter, it is always on and it is linked to his light switch. So when he turns on his light, his fan is on. When he went to work, I crept into his room, plugged in a lamp, stood on his bed, and carefully put as much confetti as I could on the top of each fan blade. I then stacked his very manly presents on his bed.

I heard him come home around 7:30 this was dark still....he crept up the stairs....I heard him turn on his light and then. I hear a lot of swearing, and a banging on my door as Justin STORMS in, screaming at me, swearing, etc.

I was laughing quite hard inside. It went perfectly as planned, he turned on his light, which in turn flipped on the fan spreading a massive amount of confetti all around his room. I then spent the next hour listening to him swearing and cleaning his room. Ah, it was wonderful.

He calmed down after a while and finally realized it was indeed funny. And he bought Orange Juice and Doughnuts. Which brings us to the end of this lovely story.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Lovely Bones

So Bryttan and I joined Breclyn and Jeremy for dinner and a movie last night.

We went to Red Robin for dinner, and had some deliciousness, except for Bryttan, who got some strange Artichoke Dip that she didn't like that much sadly :(

After Dinner we went and watched The Lovely Bones.

This movie....was amazing. I loved every bit of it. It was sad, creepy, and intense. I want to go see it again when it hits the cheap theatre. I really enjoyed it. :)
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Monday, January 25, 2010

In Which a Battle Ship Game Becomes a Jewelry Box

So as Michael said, he made me a really cool gift for Christmas. He made me a JEWELRY BOX! He is so talented, I never new he was so good at wood working! I decided to spice it up a little and found some fabric I had and went to work cutting and gluing. I have been needing a jewelry box for so long, he is the best. I couldn't ask for a better fiance.
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Weekend Roundup

We played racquetball on Saturday for an hour. It was hilarious to see how afraid of the ball Bryttan was. However, this is 100% the normal reaction. The first time you go to play racquetball, you are completely overwhelmed by how fast the ball goes, but after a few times of playing you'll start to anticipate where it is going, and the ball won't seem to be moving so fast.

Bryttan was able to hit it a few times by the end of our session. And I think she liked it...who knows though.....haha.

Needless to say, it was quite tiring....

Laser Tag
We finally went and played laser-tag! And it was amazing. Everything I remember it to be and more. We played 1 round, about a 20-min round. Kyle, Whitney, Bradshaw, David and his friend joined Bryttan and Me for a battle to the death. (As well as some 12-14 year old punks).

Let me set the scene: It's dark...foggy....we are fully suited up in body armor with scary and intimidating blinking lights on the chest and shoulders, we are all wandering around a labyrinth just waiting to find someone to kill.

Suddenly, a deathly beep from the guns as the round begins. Chaos ensues, as people scream, lasers fire, people run, and a child begins crying (sorry Bradshaw). What follows can only be described as an EPIC battle to the death. Who I was in the real world left the moment I stepped into that battleground. I...I didn't even recognized myself. I even shot my own fiance.

Anywho, after the game ended, we got the scores. I got 3rd place. Yay! :)

Lot's of Pain
The sugar gliders have finally bonded to us, and we let them crawl all over us, and hide out in our pockets. When I hold them however, they seem to like to dig their nails into my stomach and run up and down and all around under my shirt.

Let's just say, My stomach was VERY VERY RED after this. (Oh, and btw, putting lotion on broken skin. very bad idea. Who knew?)

Bryttan enjoyed having them on her as well, even though they went down her shirt, and that, according to her, was quite painful. So they mostly just relaxed in her coat pocket.

Aviator Cap
The aviator cap that I purchased for Bryttan finally came! Just in time for Christmas....well...just in time for January 20th!

Recycled Failed Attempt at DIY Gifts for my Fiance
I really tried to make a cool DIY gift for Bryttan for Christmas, but alas, I must not have the DIY skill. I was originally making her a hand made wood battleship game (awesome, I know, you don't need to tell me) But alas, I didn't have the tools to complete the project, nor the time. I finally decided to show Bryttan before I decided to throw it away, but she loved what I had made, and is busy turning it into a jewelry box. She'll have more on that later I'm sure :)

Anyway, I think these are the highlights of the weekend. :) So I'll leave you with a picture of US, because honestly, who doesn't want to look at us?

Going "awwww" is not only allowed, but encouraged.
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Way to Adorable.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

I never thought we'd become parents so soon...

Especially Parents of

Here are our new lovely additions to our family. Our wonderful Sugar Gliders, Tittle and Waffle. (names subject to change)

They are the most adorable little creatures, and we've had them for a few days now, and they are just beginning to warm up to us.

Here is a picture of me feeding them. They aren't used to drinking water from a dish, and we didn't have a waterbottle so I fed them using the little dropper to make sure that they were well hydrated.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cute gloves, rubber Gummies, and dull ice skates

Yesterday after work Michael and I went to the store to buy Gelatin to make our own Gummie Bears! We couldn't find any molds so we decied to go to Michelle's and make them there.. SURPRISE! haha.
It was going to take a long time for them to set, so while they did we went ice skating with Bradshaw!
We stopped at the store and I got a cute pair of striped gloves. I was very lucky and didnt slip when I stepped out, in my over sized, plastic skates haha. I think these gloves must have super magic powers.

After we finnished at the ice rink, went back to Michelle's to snack on some scrumtious gummies (not Gummie Bears, Just gummie squares) we took them out of the brownie pan, yes.. the browine pan, and they tasted pretty good! But the texture was like a spunge haha. We ended up playing with them. They stuck to the walls and cieling! I'm sure Michelle was so happy about all of this, SORRY! David got in on the excitement and even tried a bite of one. All in all, we had a great tuesday. I love Michael and his Family so much. I couldn't ask for a better family to be a part of.
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Multi-colored Food...just makes eating fun.

Bryttan made me multi-colored waffles this morning. :) It was...amazing :)
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I received this card from my old Intern Nik. awesome. Haha.
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fruit loops

Tonight when I got home, for some reason I got the biggest craving for fruit loops.

So I grabbed a casserole dish and filled it with fruit loops and almost a half gallon of milk, and ate the whole darn thing.(Drank all the Milk Too)

Mmmm I don't know what it is about fruit loops, but I can eat an insane amount of them.
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The Bouquet

So Yesterday, was Bryttan and My 5th Anniversary of Dating. (6 Months of knowing each other).

We were originally going to go laser tagging, however her mom expressed interest in going to the craft store to get stuff for the wedding, and we both liked that idea more. We have a lot to plan and not enough time to plan it in, so we went to the craft store instead.

To the left you can see Bryttan as she is making her gorgeous bouquet. It had a lot of flowers and was Huge!

They got a lot of flowers and a lot of the decorations out of the way, in a short amount of time. And it was very cost effective as everything was pretty much on sale.

I Sadly did not get to join in on that many of the planning festivities, as somehow I was babysitting Breclyn's son Taiger. But alas, I had fun anyway :)
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Bryttan - My Talented Fiance.

Look at this hat that my Fiance made for one of the kids she nannies. She is way to talented.

And then, She made this boutineer as an example of what she could make for our wedding.

I really wish I was as resourceful as her.
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Random Weekend Round-Up

Bride and Groom Expo!

I went to the Bride and Groom Expo at Thanksgiving Point with My Lovely Fiance Bryttan. :) After that, we went to Famous Daves, where we went a little picture crazy....

Dinner at my Step-Mom's House, where me and my brothers attempted to show what the Wheelers were like in Return to Oz.

Bryttan was NOT impressed.

I created a random Etch-A-Sketch Drawing for Bryttan's Nephew Taiger, I didn't quite have enough room to Spell all of Taiger, but Taig works. Haha. I love Etch-A-Sketches. :)
Dinner With Roommates!

This is the first time, in the 6-7 months we have lived here, that we have actually eaten a meal together....
Thank you both for letting me, and Inviting me to join you in your feast of Garlic Bread and Noodles....Alfredo....Cubed Chicken.....stuff...:)
The Toilet!
Now, I don't know what happened to this toilet...what foul, awful, thing happened to it to make it appear in this state....but oh my, it saddened me.
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Laser Tag

Going Laser-Tagging Tomorrow.

And it will be awesome.

Don't care what anyone says. Laser Tag is still Awesome.
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Shepards Pie.

Today, was Dinner at Mi Madre's House. We ate delicious Shepards Pie, Listened to Karin's Wonderful piano Playing and watched...


It is a parody of the old scary movies, and it is wonderful. I recommend watching it in a group, or at least with someone else, as alone you might not get it fully....

We also watched David's failed attempt at Yo-Yo'ing. And oh boy, was it bad.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bride & Groom Expo!

Today, Ladies, Gentlemen and Justin,

Was the Bride & Groom Expo Extravaganza Up at Thanksgiving Point. (Aka. Point of Thanksgiving)

My favorite part? The Minature Goats....that were slightly to the left of the expo. Those little creatures are amazing.

Anyway, the expo was fun, went around to a lot of the booths and entered to win a bunch of stuff, and got business cards for a bunch of stuff we can't afford :) If only weddings weren't expensive......

Oh! And I ate some Crepes! And they were....delicious...
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Friday, January 8, 2010

Honeymoon Planning.

So I am planning my honeymoon...or attempting to.

And this is something I don't want to skimp on, I want it to be perfect and fun. The best of everything...or at least 2nd best.

We've agreed to go Disneyland, and I've looked at some of their honeymoon packages, and I've configured some packages that are between 8K-15K, but I really don't know if it will be worth 15K...for a week... Hmmmphmmmm

Oh well.
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting Married.

So, I am getting Married. April 8th, at 10:20ish in the morning...hopefully haha.

I could not be happier :) There is nothing better than knowing your going to be with the one you love for the rest of eternity.

Little Background Story:
I met Bryttan at the beginning of August, our first date was August 5th, we were originally supposed to hang out the Sunday before then, but I was way to nervous so I made up some excuse, but something told me it would be alright, so I finally agreed to hang out with her on Monday. Our first date, I will never forget, we went on a wonderful walk and she told me all about her family, things she did, things she wanted to do, things she always wanted, etc. I remember thinking to myself, that she was so full of life, and so fun, and was amazed there were people this happy in the world.

I played piano for her our first date, which should just show that I liked her a lot, as I never EVER play piano for anyone, but I did for her. We then watched Garden State and after that she went home, thinking that she'd never hear from me again. Her thoughts were that I was too good for her, and my thoughts was she was way way to good for me, but she was ecstatic when I texted her the next day and wanted to hang out again. We hung out the very next day again, went on another walk and just continued to talk.

We had a lot in common, and a lot of differences, and just the right amounts so the dynamic of our relationship is perfect, we are never bored, and we disagree enough to have new experiences.

It took me to our 3rd date before I gave her a hug or held her hand, and that 3rd date, was amazing. It was the day before my birthday, and Bryttan had made me the most beautiful hand made birthday card, something I will never forget, and never get rid of. She also threw me a surprise front of me. As she could not get a hold of my roommate Justin to sneak in and throw me this party. She had asked me to close my eyes, and when I opened them she tossed me some streamers, a couple hundred balloons, and a bag of skittles.

The bag of skittles is important, as on our first date I had told her my favorite skittle was green, and in this bag, she had painfully taken the green skittles out of several bags and put them into this one, so it was a bag of nothing but green skittles. It was wonderful, and at that moment, I knew I loved her.

We didn't become an exclusive couple until our 5th date, and things continued to progress from there. It's amazing how my life could become so great in so little time. I can't imagine going back to a life without her.

Anywho, We continued to date for several months, and we started talking about marriage, and how wonderful it sounded and would be. I finally Proposed to her on Nov. 29th, at 1:30 in the morning. And here my friends, is the Engagement Story:

I went up to Idaho for Thanksgiving with her family, and I had the ring with me (A wonderful Rose Gold Ring), and her entire family thought I was going to Propose on Thanksgiving day, which would have been good, but I wanted it to be a surprise and unexpected and even Bryttan thought it would be on Thanksgiving.

You see, I asked her dad's permission while I was up there, and right after I did, and he had accepted, he went out and grabbed his Daughter and pulled her into a room where he told her that I had asked his therefore surprise factor was gone.

I kept looking for opportunities to catch her off guard, and everytime I found an opportunity, I either did not have the ring in my pocket, or something got in the way.

Until! One Night, Nov. 28th, at around 6, She was in the front room playing piano, all the kids (like 20 of them) were gone, and it was quiet...and perfect. I snuck into the front room, and there on the ground were childrens blocks...I wanted it to be traditional, corny, and I grabbed the blocks and spelled out "Will U Marry Me" I got on one knee, and my hand was in my pocket reaching for the ring...when! Her nephew (My soon to be Nephew) Taiger came running around the corner, saw the blocks and ruined them.

I started arguing with him, saying Taiger Taiger NO please share your blocks...but he...the little Rascal, Refused. At this point, Bryttan Turned around, and saw me sitting there, with, what she describes as the saddest face she's ever seen me have. She asked what was wrong and I said nothing and left the room.

Later that night, we were resting and I asked her if she wanted to know something sad. I told her the story of Taiger and the Blocks and the Almost Proposal. She said that was one of the saddest things she had heard, and she wanted to kill Taiger. I then made it sound like I put the ring back into my bag, so she wouldn't think I had it. She then started giving me other ideas of how I could propose. One of her ideas was that I take off her CTR Ring and Pretend to propose, but Actually have the real ring. To this I said, "Well I can't do that now, you'd know, I can't just take your CTR Ring" I then Grabbed her CTR Ring "and go Hey Bryttan....Will You...." At this point she got really excited...but I quickly dashed her dreams by saying "Take back your CTR Ring" and she hit me and got mad.

At this point I had weaseled my way onto the floor and to the Foot of the Bed. I then looked at her straight in the eyes and said "Bryttan, Are you aware that I love you?", she said yes. "Are you aware that I really really love you?", she said yes again. "And are you aware that I am on one knee?" To this she said "Yeah, Too bad you don't have the ring" and at that moment I took the box out of my pocket and asked her to marry me. To which she said yes...obviously :)

And that! Is the Engagement Story, now back to the Wedding Story:!

So, after the engagement we started deciding on a date, and we had Decided June 24th, 2010. As she wants an outdoor wedding, however her Sister Breclyn (who is also her Maid of Honor) will be in China on that date, as well as her sister BeQin. So sadly, we had to move the date up to April 8th (Sad only in the fact that she can't have an outdoor wedding, not the fact that we are getting married sooner, as I love that thought :) )

Now however, it seems that as her sister and her sisters demon child Taiger (demon child only in the fact that he ruined my awesome proposal, not that he is the spawn of Lucifer) might not be able to go to China, as she has a child, and we might be moving the wedding back to June 24th (which my dad does not want, as it is the day BEFORE his birthday, but meh) I am excited to see what happens.

I don't care when we get married as long as I am sealed to her at some point. Date, Time, Place, those factors matter not in the grand scheme of things, all that matters is that it happens.
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Four Christmases

Dear Children, Dear Parents, Dear Young ones and More,
I give you the story of Christmases Four

It all began in December 09
We gathered by the tree wondering "What's Mine?!"

At first we were told no presents for you
But alas, my Step-Mom is nice and let us open two

Smittens were the first gift to be opened so,
Followed by a Calendar, with photos of our Family
I begged for more to be opened, but my dad said No

Christmas Dos followed close by and was fun as ever
In Colorado we made the most, even with the cold Weather

Lot's of presents rushed out from the tree
I gave Bryttan the gift of Flight and what followed was Glee

She screamed with delight and jumped up and down
I made David take our picture right after she'd found
that her present was what she'd always wanted
the wait was over, and she was no longer taunted

I got myself the most amazing quilt hand made with love
by my darling Fiance, which made me realize even more
how much I love my darling Bryttan.

I'll never forget our 2nd christmas together
The best presents I've ever received whether
you like it or not.

Now onward we must go to Christmas number three
But sadly this christmas had a fake christmas tree

To my mother's house we sat around
As my little brother got the presents without a sound

One by one they came and went,
but wait, what's this, have I been forgotten?

Why yes, yes I had
My secret santa, forgot me, how sad :(

But that is okay, as Christmas is not,
about the presents, or gifts, but friends and love sought

But alas, we go to our final destination
Christmas Number Four, the Idaho Celebration

Over New Years and beyond this vacation was
it was amazing and perfect, just because

With my fiance again I spent Christmas Eve
Cuddled with her waiting with Ease

As their family traditions poured into me
and at last it came time to finally see

That her Family was Perfect, in Every Way
I love them to death, no matter what you may say

The next morning we opened presents galore
and I got everything I wanted and more.

All of these christmas added up to the best year ever
and I'm glad I got to spend them with the love of my life
Who very shortly will finally, become my Wife.
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