Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sa la vie

I got myself some bangs today, 

and I feel like 7 year old me again...

I was thinking they would be more like this..

Or this..
And actually, the more I look at these two pictures, the more I think "I don't really like those!" LOL
Oh well!

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I'm on the Brassy Apple!

Pretty much one of my goals in life, was to be a guest blogger on someones blog. Probably a silly dream, but I was hopeful. I'm not the most talented, and when I craft, I don't usually document it, but recently have had good reason to! I have decided that I should take a picture/tutorial of the things I make from here on out. I make so many things all the time, that it's silly not to be sharing them with everyone!

Well recently, my very sweet, super gorgeous, and incredibly talented cousin Christine, author of the Crafty Women, asked me if I would like to be an author with her on her blog! I know, right?! I almost D.I.E.D. I don't know if I have ever been more excited in my life. Seriously folks. Complete happiness.

A little while ago, she asked me if I would be interested in doing a "knock off" tutorial for The Brassy Apple, and of course I said yes! Did you really think I'd say no, Christine? :) And Today, Christine and I are authors of today's featured post on the Brassy Apple! Totally fun, right?
Head on over there to see some easy summer tutorials for super cheap!

And remember to follow the Crafty Women, for all the fun tutorials!
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Cleaning day

Amen! Lol.

Growing up my mom always had a "job chart" for us. It was a piece of paper with daily chores written on it. We were assigned different chores each day (yet I always got stuck with the bathroom on my list. EVEN if I had it the day before...) But it was a good way for my mom to keep the house in order, and it taught us how to be clean and organized! (You wouldn't know it by looking at my house. MOM, HELP!)
This is why I have decided I need a "Job Chart" for myself, even if I am married, and in my twenties.
So here it is!
Bryttan's Job Chart
Mondays: Vacuum house thoroughly. Each room! Occasionally do vents, curtains and windows. {Total time: 25-30 minutes}

Tuesdays: Dust house. Furniture included. {Total time: 15 minutes}

Wednesdays: Bathroom. Counter, sink, toilet, mirror, door. {Total time: 25-30 minutes)

Thursdays: Laundry/bathroom. Washer, Floor, toilet, counter, sink, mirror, shower, door. {Total time: 25-30 minutes}

Fridays: Kitchen. Sweep, vacuum, mop, and clean counter tops with antibacterial product, and wash all appliances. {Total time: 25-30 minutes}

Weekends: Fridge and laundry.

After I get into a routine, I'll only be spending 30 minutes at the most, cleaning up each day! (Other than the normal dishes, and clutter pick up of course) It'll be like heaven!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Road Trip

This past weekend, I took a trip up to Idaho with some of my family, to go visit my sister and her 6 kids. It was only over night, but it was so much fun! Everyone had grown so much since Christmas!

The whole gang... excluding Jonny. He was running around somewhere.

Little EllaBoo

The three "weird" brothers at Jack's baptism.

 Clara being a model
 Pretty little Ditty Bug and Abri (my foster sister)
 Snuggles for Grandpa
 Clara spending some time with Grandma
 AuBrey with baby #7 in her belly. Another little girl!

 It didn't say "No Cartwheeling!"

The birthday boy! He was lucky enough to be baptized on his birthday!

It was so fun seeing all of those sweet kids again. I had all four boys in the hotel room with me, along with Clara half of the night (she woke up and wanted Grandma) She and Mitch were in bed with me. Poor Mitch has a broken foot, and was in so much pain :( Everyone crashed out at about midnight, except Jonny. He was wide awake. We ate Oreo milkshakes from Sonic and stayed up until 2:30 in the morning playing a game. It was so much fun spending a little special time with him. Even if I was half asleep.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh so wonderful

As I am sure you all know, roller coasters are my absolute favorite. I have always loved riding them. They are a blast and a half, and the adrenaline rush is amazing. I love the the excitement and anticipation as I make my clinking way up to the top, and then the moment I take that first drop is fabulouso. I must admit, that over the years as I make my way to a roller coaster, my stomach gets more butterflies on the ride than the time before, and the time before that one, but they never cease to make me 100% happy.
When I came across{this video}, of an adorable couple, it made my morning haha.
This is Spencer and Kylie. Kylie loves Hawaii and so Spencer surprised her and planned a tip over for her birthday present! I thought his timing to tell her was so great. If Mike and I weren't married yet, I would definitely say this would be the ultimate proposal for me. As I love roller coasters so much.
I am definitely going to surprise Mike this same way though. Maybe not Hawaii, but something else.
It'll just be too fun!

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Too tired to do anything

I had a busy day today. Well may be it wasn't that busy compared to your Saturday, but I'm pooped.
I had an old friend come over yesterday, and we stayed up late laughing our heads off. We were obviously too tired to still be awake.We finally went into bed, and woke up bright and early this morning to go paint faces at the park for GOTR! After we finished there, I came home and got to lay out in the sunyshine with Guy Sexy. He was so awesome yesterday. He is every stinkin day, but he deserves something major for what he's done that past few days. Late night run to the store for Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream? Yeah, he needs something huge.
My other friends little girl was running in the race today, so I had to take over a little something to let her know how proud I was of her! and after that I went over to visit with some other friends, and see if they wanted help cleaning/putting things away (they had a yard sale today) I then raced home and went over to our Community Ward Day of Service, as we were on the committee. Many little orphans in Cambodia will be receiving lots of things soon. After we cleaned that up, I came home, heated up some left over lasagna, took a shower, and turned on Til Death. It was a wonderful Saturday. Beautiful weather, wonderful husband, happy people, and good friends. Couldn't have been any better.

But now I am too tired to do anything. Is it bed time yet?

*Pictures to come!*
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lemonade Date

If I were to invite you over for a glass of Lemonade, we would sit in my back yard next to the purple flowers and I would tell about my day.

I would tell you how wonderful my husband is, and how I love and appreciate him so much.
I'd tell you about how we spent most of the day watching fish in the Doctors office together,
and making jokes with surgeons.

I would let you know that we ate Subs at Fire House,
and that I recommend the Honey Ham because it is my favorite.

I would tell you that we arrived somewhere early and sat in the car while we waited for the minutes to tick by.

How Mike surprised me and took me to the craft store, and then patiently waited in line, even though he was in a hurry.

And how I laid in his arms while the warm spring air blew through the window of our bedroom.

I would tell you that we visited with old friends this evening,
and ended the day with Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Cheesy Fries, and a Banana Split.

I would apologize for the way my face looks at the moment, and then ask you if you have any advice. As it is sore and unflattering.

I would inform you with a smile, that I received great news from the Dr. about my jaw surgery,
And then tell you how much I love my man.
His eyes...
His humor...
Lying in his arms...

And then I would listen as you tell me about your day, while I pour us another glass of Lemonade.

It would be a wonderful conversation, don't you agree?

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Another week of He Needs She Needs!

He Needs:
These Shorts from H&M.
Sexy and long enough!


These Shades. Smokin' hot.

This Button Up from Old Navy.
Wear it Casual or make is dressy for church this summer. I'm sold!


A skinny tie like this one. But handmade with love, by this girl!

 And These Shoes. Perfect for Church or a Sunday picnic.


This is the perfect outfit. I'm seriously in love with it, and will be purchasing it for my gorgeous man very soon. Ya'll don't worry. I'll make him model for me, and post some pictures of him in it.
She Needs:
Ready to have your mind blown? I went shopping yesterday with some girl friends, and really all I was interested in, were the Men's clothes! Yeah I found a lot of cute things I want, but it's finally hit! I just want to shop for my guy! He deserves a new summer wardrobe, and I really want to see him in one!
So all "She Needs" this time around? Some new summer outfits for her Guy Sexy. And of course whatever he picks out for her to wear :)

New England + Sail Boats

 <>We Need these outfits<>
 <>To throw a yard party with these<>

<>I'll make you this<>

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Serious case of The Beauregard!

Have ya'll seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Well two days ago I woke up with serious fat face. I look like Violet Beauregard when she turns into a blueberry... except instead of a blueberry, I'm more of a raspberry.
I went the whole day yesterday, itchy, swollen, red, and plumpy.
 -My spell check is screaming at me for using the word plumpy.-
Today it is still just as bad. I have done everything I can think of to make it go away. It must be an allergic reaction to something, but I don't know what! Until I figure it out, I will carry on with my day as usual. (Minus going in to work. I called in with the case of puff face) I went over to my friends yesterday, and got asked a million times by every family member; "what happened to your face!"

I'm waiting for Mike to call in the creepy oompa loompas to come roll me away.


And per my mother in laws request.
I'm a monster!
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