Monday, April 30, 2012

Very much in love

With this...

"You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough."

And this...
One common question we come across is, "what is an expat?"

The word expat is a contraction of expatriate, which derives from the Latin word expatriatus. In medieval times, an expatriatus was someone who had left his or her home country to live somewhere else. So in today’s culture an expatriate is exactly that; someone who lives in a different location than that which they were born and brought up. In general expatriates are considered to be people who are residing in their host country temporarily, with the ultimate intention of returning home at a later date. However, in recent times, more and more expatriates have left their home country and found that they can experience a higher standard of living and a better of quality of live abroad and, for this reason, many of them never return home.

Become an Expat.


And this...
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What do we do?

Mike and I have been renting for a long time, and we feel like we are just throwing money away. People keep telling us we should buy, so we aren't throwing money out the window, but the thing is... buying freaks me out! 
 What if Mike gets a new job/loses a job? What if we need to move far away? Where do we buy? What type of house do we even get? How do we know it will be a good house? How do we know the neighbors won't suck? Do we buy for location or land? 
 I don't really want to stay in UT for the rest of forever, Mikes job is here. Do we buy somewhere in the city, or in the country with lots of land? There are so many things to consider, and these aren't even half of them. 
I really feel like buying would be a good idea. It is a great time, Mike has a good job, we are wasting money on rent anyway, and my Mamma and Papio approve. Seems like we should, right?

So I'm turning to you guys, what are your thoughts? Please share and help us out!

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Saturday, April 28, 2012



I've been painting these lovely creatures today. They are smitten with each other, and it's cute. I cannot wait to have them hanging on my wall... or mailing them to someone who purchases them.
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Thursday, April 26, 2012


I am so incredibly excited today. I am feeling happy and giddy.
I cannot wait for all that lies ahead!
In the mood to organize, clean, and create!

Oh happy day.


And now I'm going to post some pictures, that are long over due.

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What A House Thursdays, right here on Chocolate Chip Waffles!!
The Conversation Pit

Waste of space? Super ugly? Fire hazard?

All of the above.
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Fear not!

Don't worry. If you cannot take a picture like a pro, you can make it look like a professional picture, by using the NEW Picnik!
You all knew what Picnic was, you probably used it! But then it made you sad, because it left.
Well do I have news for you!

Look at what it can do!
Boost the color in your picture, by using the new "Boost" feature!
Focus in on something, with the "Focus" feature!
 Or make yourself look beautiful, with the "Touch Up" feature!

No one will ever know that you aren't a real photographer!
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Colorful Keyboard

I know from years of playing piano, that after a while, tape starts to get sticky. But that aside, this would be a fun way to add a little extra color to your day!
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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I posted over here yesterday.
Go check it out, for a fun DIY and craft for kids!
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


While I was over visiting with the neighbor, Mike put in our air conditioner.

I love him.
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Monday, April 23, 2012

wedding day memories

Mike and I got married on Saturday, October 16, in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. We then celebrated with lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory that same day.
Every day that passes, I remember little bits of the day that I didn't even know I had forgotten!
One memory I won't ever misplace, is my most favorite part of the day.

In the Temple you go into a special room to be sealed together forever. In this particular temple, you had to pass through a hall to reach the door. I remember rounding the corner to the hall, and seeing the man I was about to marry. His back was facing me, and as I go closer, the temple worker he was talking to gestured to me and Mike turned around. The way his eyes looked into mine, gave me butterflies, like when he held my hand for the first time. I'm sure I was smiling, he was. I felt so happy and so in love with this man.
The temple worker made some kind of joke before we went in, that made Mike smile, but I was too preoccupied looking at this wonderful man, wondering how I got so lucky.

I teared up when I walked into the room and saw my parents, and all the people that I are so important to me, looking at me. They were all there for me, and for Michael.

When we exchanged rings and I kissed my husband for the first time, it seemed like nothing else was important.  The rest of  the day could be horrible, and it wouldn't matter.
Luckily it wasn't. It was beautiful and perfect.

I am so lucky to be married to my best friend. I love him forever.
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Saturday, April 21, 2012


A quick update on the shirt I finished to wear with my new skirt. I had some family members wanting to see pictures. I obviously didn't make the shirt, but I added the flowers! I'll give you a tutorial soon. They're pretty simple. They're just your basic fabric flowers, but everyone has their own little ways of making them unique.

 And just for fun, my amazing manhusband after his race.
Look at that medal!
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So many skirts!

I've been on a skirt frenzy this last week, and it's been so fun!
(Thank you JoAnns, for your awesome fabric sales!)I was able to make me a very quick skirt with my first ever zipper! I didn't have a pattern or tutorial, and it really isn't the best, but I wore it to church last week, and loved it! As long as you ignore the flaws, it's great! I was proud of it.

This skirt I made yesterday. It started out as this dress, and within a few hours, turned into a shorter dress, and eventually made its way to this one.
No tutorial. It's my own design!
Thus making it, my very favorite.
The waist wrap is removable, and attached with two buttons on the side. Making it fun and versatile.

 I will be making many more like this, and with many waistbands, so that I can mix and match them! 

I'm going to be making my nieces some by combining the removable waist wrap from this dress, and pairing it with this "hopscotch skirt" I made for my little sister in law for her birthday!
*Inspiration from the simple old bubble skirts
*Cutting inspiration from: The Circle Skirt .A.K.A. the Retro Felt Poodle Skirt.

I'll be making theirs very versatile, so that the waist wraps can be changed  depending on shirt colors, and holidays. and not only that! But they will be reversible too, AND I'm going to be making them with suspenders. Tell me that won't just be the cutest outfit in the world!!

I'm really excited. Especially because they are all my own designs! I'm really proud of myself guys! LOL

And what's a sewing session without your husband being a goofball and making you laugh?
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One of those mornings

Around 4:30 this morning, I woke up to see Mike off for the SLC Bike Tour.
And let me just say, my guy can pull off those ridiculous biking shorts I so like to make fun of! Woof!
I admire him so much. He is a go doer. He didn't care if he wasn't 100% sure about anything, or had all the right stuff, he still woke up bright and early today, and headed off for the unknown. I love him!
So while he was off peddling the morning away, I was doing this.

After I saw him off, I got onto facebook and saw that a friend had written me back telling me that the KONY 2012 was still happening in SLC! I didn't get the message in time, and I missed it. The crappy part is, it was going on only about a block away from my house. I got the message 3 hours after he sent it. 3 hours too late.

Then, right as I was dozing off this morning, (can you say lazy? Husband out biking, me in bed.) I hear the dog... barfing... on Mikes clothes! AWW HELLS NO!
As I was cleaning it up (which I swore I would never do!) She decided to go to the bathroom in the hall.
All, I am sure, because she chose to be a snot and eat my bowl of Reeses Puffs cereal yesterday! I was soooooooo mad. Luckily it was a paper bowl so I didn't have to throw away one of our glass ones.

So sometime while that was happening,  I received a text from Mike saying that he would be riding though Sugar House park, and I could go cheer him on! Hooray! right? wrong. I missed him. I didn't get the text in time.

So for some reason, I had to go to Sugar House park, just to make sure he really wasn't there. I knew he wouldn't be, but some little bit of hope that he would still be there, was inside my head. As I was putting my shoes on, my phone fell and shattered. Yup, even more than before.

That was it. I ran and ran and ran. I ran all the way to the park, only to find out that what I was hoping wasn't, was. Only the runners were there now, making their way to their finish line.

I stopped to catch my breath, and then proceeded on through the stop light. The policeman looked at me with an evil eye, and I gave him a look that said "give me a ticket for J walking. I dare ya!" He raised his eyebrows at me, and I kept running. On my run I saw the Kony 2012 posters plastered all over, and that's when I realized it was just going to be one of those days.

Sometime during my run, Mike texted me and said that he was done, and on his way home! I felt like the worst wife everever!

He told me that it was okay that I didn't get there in time to cheer for him as he went by, because there were a lot of other people there cheering.
This made me feel 100% worse.
I was so sad though. I really wanted to see him ride!!!!

I felt awful, but then I decided I wasn't because I cleaned up his dogs grossness, instead of leaving it for him to deal with. Which is what I considered doing.

Let's hope my streak of misfortune is over for today. Cause I'm done.

Mike did get a medal though, and I went out to breakfast with Him, and his brother, and some other people from the race.
I'm really incredibly proud of him. He is one awesome husband.

 Incredibly awesome!

AND if you want to participate in bringing Kony down, you can! November 3rd. I'll be there! And I'll be doing everything I can to make sure no one forgets his name until then.
Kony poster ---> <--- runners

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Friday, April 20, 2012


The perfect Fourth of July BBQ outfit. 
Shirt: Old Navy.
Unbutton and  wear over the dress for a casual style, or try something new, by wearing it under the dress!
Roll the sleeves, and look hot while eating that watermelon.
Dress: Old Navy
Change out the sash for a cute skinny belt or leave it as is!
Scarf: Old Navy
For a more dressed up look, try tying it to the side like more of an ascot style, or keep it in the front ruffled and frilly.
Neck a little too much for you? Try tying it around your head, or pulling your hair into a loose pony, tying it in place with your scarf.
Sunnies: Urban Outfitters
Wear 'em out to look glamorous while protecting your eyes, or pull them up and wear them on your head! You'll look hot, while keeping your bangs out of your face.
Sandals: Old Navy
I think having Red on your feet, will draw everything together, and keep you from looking like a blueberry, but feel free to try some blue. It won't pop, but it isn't going to look bad.
Other shoes:
J. Crew, Old Navy.

Don't be afraid to mix and match to create the perfect outfit! Playing it safe can leave you looking a little bland.

Keep in mind if adding a belt, to check yourself in the mirror, if it's a bright color, it might leave you looking cropped in the middle. And if you have a waist like mine, the last thing you want, is to appear shorter than you are!
Go a head and mix your prints! You might be surprised at how good they look when paired together!
If you are wearing shoes with that strap/tie around the ankle, be sure your dress doesn't go any lower than the knees. Trust me. It just won't look good.
Have fun shopping!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Talented Folks

This is my brother.
 He is an artist. He is among, those talented folks.
I would say that he's pretty much the coolest artist. I mean, check this guys out!
This is a piece he has for purchase

Click {here} if you want it.
And click {here} if you want to see more of his stuff.
It's all so beautiful!
I love my brother.
Us. Circa 2010

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Love for fashion

I am in love with Marc by Marc Jacobs spring collection!
Seriously. IN. LOVE.
And I love all the colors on L'Wren Scott's models.
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Muppets

A feel good song from the movie :)

After forever of waiting for redbox to have it, Mike finally decided to rent it online last night and for the same price as redbox. Why didn't we do that ages ago??
We had been dying to see The Muppets new movie for soooo looong! Finally last night we got to. We loved it. I was laughing so hard! If you haven't seen it yet. Do it TODAY! Don't wait longer than you have to. It is so good!
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Friday, April 13, 2012

Beach green and stripes

I didn't realize, but I was looking at clothes, of course, and found this sweater I feel I must have. I then wanted to see what they had in the mens line, and found this Tee that mike would look hot in! then I realized how similar they are, and decided that I must be on a Beach Green & stripes kick today.

He needs:

She needs:

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A list of words and phrases sorted by Hebrew spelling, with Latin character spelling and English translation.

So Mike and I have pretty awesome minds with a never ending abundance of great ideas, and when we put our heads together, it's like an explosion of amazingness!

A long while back when we were dating, we would take last minute road trips. On one of these road trips, (the Logan and Pizza tip actually) we decided it would be a really good idea to learn the song we were listening to at the moment, (Elephant Elephant) in Yiddish.
Difficult? Yes. Entertaining? if only you knew!

This morning it started going through my head, and we broke out in Yiddish song together.

Honestly? we're pretty much perfect for each other. 
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

oh goody

It is what it is.
It started with the electricians never showing up.
The blind dog, Bear (think a relative to this dog) showing up on our door step... again.
Me pulling (he sits.SITS down and won't move his legs.) him all the way (blocks) back to his house.
No one home. Me reaching for my phone to call the owner, but finding my pocket to be empty, so then opening the door (never met these people. Just the dog) and pushing him inside his house.
Dropping Moose off at the groomers... and then picking her up to find that she looks like a mix between a toilet bowl brush, feather duster and a Q-tip. U-G-L-Y.
Seriously. Not even so ugly it's cute. Just Ugly. Poor thing? Poor US!
Our neighbors daughter (you know the one) yelling. letting us know that something happened to our dog.
This is what just happened.
Us being invited in to their home, and visiting.
Mike leaving, and then a long time later, me. Walking back to our house in the rain, and a busy day planned for tomorrow. What you ask? Why, I am going to see a movie with my neighbor and her little girl.
I know, right?
I actually am very glad that she would want me to go see a movie with she and her daughter. I really am.
On the other hand... if only you knew her.
I also have really ridiculously bad allergies and asthma.
She has a big fluffy cat and smokes.

But all is well. Mike is really sweet and reminded me that I am not doing it for me, I am doing it for her. He is right. It is only a few hours out of the day, and she already told me that it would mean a lot to her.
So okay. I'm doin' it.

I also just answered my door to all of them bringing me cookies that the older (but still little) sister made at her grandparents house tonight. Too cute? yes. But again... if you knew these kids the way we do... their grandparents... their whole family and their friends!
Mmmm boy!
On a new topic!
I made pancakes out of confetti cake mix tonight for dessert! I saw a recipe online, to make french toast with it (dipping the bread in the cake mix) but thought I would try doing panCAKES instead. They worked, and would be super cute with a scoop of ice cream on top of them. They were a little tricky to flip though... Has anyone else ever tried this before? How do you flip yours?
With the left over batter I made a cake. Mike was asking for one, so good old wifey came through for him :)
And does anyone want a cute dog stuck in an ugly coat for a while? 

We can take her back when her fur grows out again. Even Mike can't stand took look at her. When we do mange to catch a glimpse of her, we laugh and then want to barf from the ugly.
Anyone?? Anyone??
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Did ya think I'd died?

I haven't posted anything for a while,  we've been having too much fun over here in the Suga' Hood.

We had a beautiful Easter, a really fun day before Easter, and a busy post Easter.

Here are pictures for proof.

 I've learned that I cant have too many pics of my man. He's too dang gorgeous!

 And this is Mike breaking the law. Ooooh snap!
 This picture has a pretty good story to go along with it. Stay tuned, you'll love it.

And does this picture I snapped not just freak you out?
Are you ready to be even MORE freaked out?


The resemblance is scary!

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