Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wedding SOS

So the whole planning a wedding thing? not so wonderful. Especially when,
half your family wont be there..
you don't have a reception location..
your dress wont work..
you don't have decorations..
you can't find tables and chairs to use..
and you only have 3 weeks until your wedding day!
I'm freaked!!
Totally have no idea what to do.


So I've fallen in love.
Zolanda and I have a special bond, we go way back. Unfortunately we will never meet in this life, it's sad but I've learned to accept it. I often catch myself day dreaming and looking at pictures of Zolanda. So elegant, so beautiful and perfect. In heaven we will be together and it will be grand. I love my Heaven!

So, want to see? You can fall in love too, I won't be mad.

Ps. (The dress is what we are talking about, haha. Just wanted to clear that up)
You can find it here

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh happy day

Things are wonderful here . Michael is going to be a groom soon, and to celebrate the occasion we found Him a hat to try on and looked at all the bride and Groom things in the store. I am really happy and really praying that the weather cooperates for me! Who decided to have an out door wedding in October anyway?
Oh yeah, and did I m
ention I have 1 month until the big day? 4 weeks people!

Wish Us luck!!
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

This is Home

No, we're not married yet. No, we are not living alone. Yes, my strange family (whom I love) has been invading Michaels house. And yes, I do call it home. Because when we are married, I will be living here with him.. alone.. with no family.. But it'll totally be aloud! We have already decorated together and I think we have a pretty dern cute house goin' here. Now, don't judge me. We are having great fun playing house , and you should all be so lucky. Hopefully our days of make believe will become real and a wedding will happen along with life and total bliss. Until then, we are enjoying eachothers company and having wonderful fun dressing up and cooking dinner for when He comes home from work, walks through that door, and says "Honey, I'm home!" Ok, that isn't what really happens. But we are completely happy and very much in love. So, take a look at these pictures and enjoy! We finally got that mirror hung!! and we also went out and bought a two adorable new frames. You can see one of them in this picture, I'm still trying to find a good picture to put in the other one. Anyway, I'm so lucky and blessed. Michael is a wonderful guy.

Have fun on the short tour!

Michael working oh so hard. He is very much appreciated. I LOVE him
As you can see, this is our dining area that leads into the laundry room and has two doors. One door leads to the back yard where we have our hammock. Great for star gazing (as much as you can here) and the other door leads to out garage.

Sorry about the pictures. I can't figure it out, grrrr!! but that's Bruce, our very loved plant!

My wonderful Mom cooking us dinner.
Our front door is by that large sun window/our piano

My favorite mirror!! and our discount picture frame!

Thanks for lookin'!
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Take a peek

My wonderful Fiance is so amazing and incredibly talented. Check this out, He is totally in the news paper! Well, It's pretty much like He is in the news paper. Michael created something super amazing and you should all be jealous of Him. You all wish you could be as cool as He is, I know I do!

(The amazing man himself, Ladies and Gentlemen!)

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