Friday, July 27, 2012

House tour

 Family and friends have been asking about the town house we are moving in to, so I thought I would just share the pictures here on the blog.

The location is really good. We are in a little neighborhood on the side of the mountain. We have a pretty view of the valley off of our balcony, which worries me. Not having the view, I love the view, but the fact that we can see the valley. This means we are not in the valley, which means we are far away from the valley. Far away from everything.
The price is a lot cheaper than the home we have currently been renting, yet still more pricey than I was wanting to go. (I'm one of those annoying people that shops at thrift stores and lives on the cheap side)
But alas, I am married to a wonderful man who loves to work, and loves to provide as best as he can for his wife. It's great and it's not.
i love you babe!

I stole these pics from the home listing. If I were to take pictures of our house as it is now, there would be piles of boxes and things everywhere. After we are officially living there, I'll do another house tour.

Now without further adieu. 

I also forgot to mention up top, that while we may be far away from most everything, we are extremely close to Mikes sister and her cute family. So I guess it's not too bad ;)
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Those restless legs

I had read about it here and there, but hadn't tried it. The Ivory soap bar settling those jumpy legs.

Well last night I went to the store and bought me a bar of soap. I put it under my sheet, at the foot of my bed, and my RLS was cured! It was like magic, I don't know how it works, but it does. I have THE WORST restless legs. If you have RLS, you know how miserable it is! It's impossible to sit still or fall asleep! I used an Ivory bar of soap. The pack I bought looked much like this.

I have also found that Lavender oil rubbed on to my legs, helps to settle them. But Last night I didn't use the oil, I used the bar of soap. And it worked like a dream.
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Saturday, July 21, 2012


Sometimes I wish Mike were able to go with me when I visit our nieces and nephews, they love him a lot. Then I remember who they live with.
And when days like this happen, I'm sometimes glad he's not around.
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Monday, July 16, 2012


After work tomorrow, I am headed to Idaho. My mom and I are going to help my sister out with her 6 kids. While I'm excited to be going over there, and looking forward to the 12 hour car ride with my mom, I'm also not wanting to leave! I feel like I've gotten in the groove of cleaning/packing, and I don't want to stop until it's all done! I also don't want to leave Mr. Mike for another week. :/
I'll leave you with my most recent attempt at being crafty. I have boxes everywhere, and nothing's in it's place, but I wanted to print this out and frame it before I headed out of town.

Have you seen this floating around the internet? I stole it from my friends facebook today. Thanks, Marie!
I printed it out, made a mat for the picture, and put it in a frame. I'm not sure I like the colors, (my printer is running low on ink) but it works for now, and I can't wait to hang it in our new house!
I have no idea who made the poster, but I totally stole it for my own.

I also finished the dress for Clara.

And of course a headband for her. She loves them.

It matches this little one I made for Ella
 I need to make one more for Ditty Bug, but I have run out of fabric. I like the pillowcase style better, so Hers will be like that one.
I think they turned out pretty cute though.
When I get more fabric, I want to make one for Mikes little sister, Melanie too. So get ready to see a lot more! LOL
Have a good week!
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

A little touch of Summer

Wanting any one of these dresses right now. 
They are each so unique and perfect. Hope you had a good weekend! I spent mine packing, and I can't wait to be done!
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Friday, July 13, 2012

Take 5

I needed a little break from sorting and packing, so I got online and found some home inspiration.

First, I want this lamp from Ikea. Solar powered, and would look totally cute hanging outside.

Also, this blanket it beautiful, and I would love to go in my bedroom and see it on my bed :)

I am really loving all the bright pops of color in this living room

This little balcony looks so inviting

The colorful curtains are so cute in this room. They hung them up higher to make the windows look longer. I would love to hang curtains in our new house :)

And for our bathroom, I really think that we need this shower curtain


I've got a few different ideas on how I would like to decorate our new house... But I don't know which style to do. They are all very different, and also very perfect and cute. I might just have to make every room different!

We'll have to see! I guess I better find a house before I start decorating though.

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This is what our house looks like right now.

Everything everywhere.
Our landlord is coming on Monday with a realtor, and the house needs to be cleaned up and in ship shape.
We are obviously moving out of this home, and in to a new one. Everything must be packed up and stored away.

So I'm spending my day packing. A lot. A lot a lot. And listening to this while I do so.
 Flight Of The Conchords makes packing a lot less horrible.
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What's with today, today?

So by 10:00 this morning I had already had enough of today.
I woke up early, feeling excited, happy, and ready to get crackin' Er, I mean Packing!

We looked at a beautiful townhome last night. Perfect area, close to my work, close to all of Mikes family, close to friends, AND Moose was allowed! It was new, and clean, and had a lot of sunshiny windows.

Today we got an email saying we didn't qualify. we have never been rejected before. And it's all because of one previous landlord who didn't like us. 
We are wonderful tenants, if do say so myself. Wonderful.
Also, after 4 years of nanny work for the best family, my time with them is done. I knew the day would come, I just didn't want to think about it. The sweet little twins I started taking care of, grew up! They are turning 5 in a few weeks, and will be going off to fun filled days at school.

I kind of fill like my life just got flipped upside down.

There are no homes/townhomes listed right now that are:
1. in our price range
 2. are not apartments
3. allow small dogs.
 Keep your eyes peeled? Mike told me yesterday, "I really prefer not to be homeless" Lol. Me too Mike. Me too.
And now I'm feeling all nervous and scared about finding a house because of this rejection. Also, time is running out, and there are literally no homes.

Wish us luck.

And Kudos to you if you got the Empire Records reference :)
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer lovin'

We are back from our trip with a gazillion photos and sweet tans.
We weren't happy we had to come home, but our new Sports-Vue 360 Camera was waiting for us when we got back, so it made the return home more exciting.

This cutie would come visit us every morning. 

We were out on the lake pretty much every day.

Brett and Mike had a few mad tournaments of Bolo. One which ended with Brett tossing his ball too far and sending it flying over the fence. Automatic win for Mike.

Watching the games.

Adelyn spent most of her time, trying to crawl. She's so close!

My two pretty sisters and cute niece.

On the boat.

Brett and Adelyn.

Hanging out with Melanie. 

We were having too much fun with the front facing cell phone camera.

Mike and  my gorgeous sister in law.

Watching everyone play Badminton.

When the weather turned gloomy, we moved the fun inside.
We all played a lot of Badminton.
At Beau Jo's celebrating Angela's birthday.

Thanks to Mark and Angela for such a fun trip!

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Picture post

We're having fun in Colorado right now. Hope ya'll had a fun 4th!

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